Boosting the Curb Appeal before Listing Your House

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Boosting the Curb Appeal
Boosting the Curb Appeal

There are some people who believe that they need to list their house for sale right away and then start working on the appeal. In their mind, the longer their home is on the market, the bigger the chances are that they’ll attract a serious buyer. Nonetheless, a serious buyer usually only responds to a serious offer and it’s quite likely that the best potential buyer might be the first one to take a look at your offer. This is why all the work on boosting the resale value of your home and making it presentable for others needs to be done prior to listing your house. Here are several things you could do to improve its exterior and get the most out of your curb appeal.

1.  Work on your driveway

This is a field in which roleplaying helps, so, imagine yourself as a potential buyer approaching the home. What’s the first thing you would notice, the first area of the property that you would have contact with? Most likely, it would be the driveway, so, this is where all your work should begin. The cheapest way to make an improvement is to just pressure wash it. If you have more time, energy and resources, you can repair broken pavers and even add a border to make it more appealing.

2.      Mow the lawn

The next thing you need to do is mow the lawn around the place and properly nurture it. This alone can make the place stand out and completely transform your property in a positive way. Kill the weeds and fertilize the lawn to keep it green and healthy-looking. Also, if your area is known for droughts, you might want to consider drought-tolerant landscaping (a simpler way out) or invest in some irrigation system.

3.      Fixing the façade

The façade makeover is probably the single biggest project that you’ll have to engage in when it comes to boosting the curb appeal of the place. It’s also the one that will require a lot of specialized equipment. Fortunately, seeing as how this is a one-time effort, you don’t have to buy equipment but will have the option of renting portable scaffolding in order to get the job done. Focusing on the details may not look like the most time-efficient piece of advice, yet, it might end up making a staggering difference in the end result.

4.      Upgrade your front door

The reason why upgrading your front door is such a great idea is due to the fact that you stand to get almost three times the money you’re invested upon selling the place. Of course, this may also depend on the total value of the place, yet, with the right course of action, you’ll not only get the increase in price but in the total appeal of the place as well. This means that selling the place suddenly becomes a lot easier, seeing as how the first physical contact between the potential buyer and the home in question becomes a more positive experience.

5.      Installing outdoor lighting

This is incredibly important if you plan to have visitors in the late evening hours. You see, by installing outdoor lighting, you’ll create a scenario in which you control which parts of your home’s exterior you want to illuminate and which of them you want to hide. Of course, this isn’t a solution that will make all the difference on its own, yet, it may significantly alter the impression that the place makes during the night.


At the end of the day, there’s one more thing worth noting. Due to the fact that your end goal is to boost the perceived value of your home in order to sell it much better, the initial investment shouldn’t be that great. The more money you spend on improving your home, the lower the ROI, will be, which defeats the purpose. This is why you need to find a perfect compromise between frugality and ROI. Fortunately, items on this list more than fulfill these requirements.

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