Big Data is a Phenomenon that Controls the Business World

“Data are becoming the new raw material of business.” When Craig Mundie makes this statement, it should not vex you. Whatever may be the line of your business, you...
Big Data

“Data are becoming the new raw material of business.” When Craig Mundie makes this statement, it should not vex you. Whatever may be the line of your business, you cannot even think of avoiding big data analytics standing in 2017. The industry today hardly gives second chances; so, unless you have a huge monetary backing, you have to get your decisions as spot on as possible. Everyone from midsized company owners to kick-starting-Entrepreneurs knows this. Well, I should suppose that you are probably not a business owner and may be you are just an enthusiast; well, you should know this too. Because we are all in contributing terms to the phenomenon called big data.

Every move we make online leaves a mark on the web. These marks are traceable and they can tell a good deal about us. Just suppose you have logged into a company’s website for several times without making any purchase or giving any lead. This means the company is failing to convert a potential customer into a consumer. Now, modifying how, when and where the products appear to you, according to your own recommendation can very well change the story. You tell companies about your choices, life expectancy, habits, hobbies and dislikes through the social media, while making online purchases and in other ways. If all these personalized information can be looked upon, it becomes easier for a business to target you as a customer. Well, this is a generalized account just to establish the idea that what can be achieved at length.

The data accumulated from multiple sources as well as the company’s own data culminate into a humongous amount of structured and unstructured information, which apparently seems to be uncontainable and beyond processing. Then tools and technologies like HDFS, Spark, R, Python and SAS arrive and make the whole hullaballoo of data analyzing feel like a breeze. It is to use these technologies to the utmost potential that companies need skilled employees with big data certification.

Just as the world has woken up to the dire need of analyzing company and customer data in order to stay afloat and affluent in this world of fierce completion, skill shortage in analytics emerges like an inevitable consequence. It is important for the youngsters to come forward and take full advantage of this opportune scenario. Nothing lasts forever, nor will the want of skilled analytics professionals. A lot of universities have already launched comprehensive courses on analytics and data science. A large number of private institutes are operation around the globe. A lot of them are really making a big difference to the industry by providing training and appropriate big data certification to talented aspirants.

Data analytics has become so fundamental to the existence of an organization that a whole new eco system, a kind of network is being created around analytics. The companies with analytics teams, the firms that provide analytical services, the analytics product developers, analytics institutes and user forums, all are the part of this ecosystem and together they are responsible for the rapid extension of big data analytics.


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