9 Tips for Making Any Room in Your Home Feel Larger

Ample living space is a luxury that eludes most people. If you are living in an apartment or small home, but sometimes feel as if the walls are closing...
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Ample living space is a luxury that eludes most people. If you are living in an apartment or small home, but sometimes feel as if the walls are closing in on you, you may want to take a look at some innovative methods to make your living space feel open and roomy.

Get a big rug

A big rug will create the appearance of a big floor area. You can find a rug by browsing your local rug store. Make sure that your rug is big enough so that there are no more than two feet of exposed floor between the rug and the walls of your living room. A small rug can make your living area seem more detailed, cluttered, and, therefore, smaller. Make sure that all your living room furniture can fit on your rug.

Choose light colors

Light colors and tones can create a feeling of openness. Painting your walls, décor, and cupboards paler hues will make your space more inviting. Another trick is to have a slightly darker wall than your furniture and other features.  This will enhance depth perception and also make your living space appear larger.

light colors

Natural light

Natural light makes a place seem bigger. Optimizing the amount of natural light that enters your space can make a big difference. Strategically placed mirrors can reflect the light that enters. It will also create the illusion of depth, so the bigger the mirror, the better. You can also face your furniture towards a window and allow people to naturally look outside from where they are sitting.

Low-profile furniture

Get rid of bulky and heavy furniture that can make a room feel smaller. Lighter, thinner furniture takes up less space and it also doesn’t obscure a large chunk of the view of your living space. Use the space you gain for vertical bookshelves or wall art that automatically make the eye go up towards the ceiling.

Multifunctional furniture

Furniture that can be used for more than one function is ideal for saving space. A sofa bed, a coffee table that you can use as a dining room table and a desk that can fold up behind a door are examples of multifunctional furniture that can help you save space.

Focal point

A focal point is a visual point of interest that immediately draws the eye towards it and away from the small size of the living space. A typical example of a focal point can be wall art that doesn’t in itself take up any space. It is important to make sure that the art or design feature is interesting enough and that it actually does create depth and contrast.

Organize your living space

Organizing your home will make the space feel larger. In order to keep your daily possessions organized and out of sight, you may have to think creatively about storage space. If there is nothing under your bed, for example, you can install drawers underneath your mattress and use it to store things like papers and documentation.

Glass doors

Remove unnecessary doors between you living spaces. If there needs to be a door, consider replacing it with a glass door to allow the flow of natural light between spaces. This will also create depth perception and create the illusion of bigger living space.


Maintaining a minimalist lifestyle can benefit in more ways than just freeing up some space. It is generally believed that living only with the bare essentials can free up your mind and help you live a more relaxed lifestyle. It reduces clutter and improves your ability to live an optimized and happy lifestyle.

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