5 Ways to Beat Alcohol Addiction

Beat Alcohol Addiction

Getting yourself to stop drinking or reducing the level of alcoholism is a challenging encounter. Many people will get worried about how their life will look like when sober, some will fear to lose their longtime friends, or others will get concerned about how they will be spending their time. I should remind you that having a change in life is not always to the bad. If you want to reduce your alcoholism, here are some strategies you can use to put your life on track;

Note the Triggers

We have external and internal triggers that can lead to the urge of drinking. When you can point out these triggers, you will be a step further in fixing your problem and maintain a long-term soberly. In this case, look for other activities that can keep you busy. Some external triggers can include places, time of the day or days associated with drinking, and opportunities that can lead to drunkenness. External triggers are more predictable, visible, and avoidable. Also, the urge for alcohol can come due to internal triggers, like frustrations, negative emotions, excitements, headache, tension, or anxiety.

Effective Communication

When the family members and friends understand alcoholism, they can support you in the recovery process. After the rehab, make your spouse, friends, or family members understand the challenges associated with recovering from alcohol addiction. Effective communication can involve giving a chance the concerns of your loved ones. Let them know that it is not a good idea to keep alcohol at home or drink in front of a loved one who is recovering from addiction. Also, avoid stopping at bars or associating with your drinking old friends.

Have a Support Network

Look for companies of people who will encourage and support you in the recovery. Exchanging thoughts and ideas will help you regain confidence and self-esteem. The recovery journey while alone can be challenging and can result in no long-term results in sobriety. These meetings and health social networks can help during the early days after rehab. Continuous attendance at support meetings like Clearwater alcoholics anonymous will help you put your life back together.

Stick to a Nutritious Diet

Proper nutrition and hydration improve physical and mental health leading to higher chances of efficient recovery. Mineral deficiency and hunger can trigger depression, anxiety, and low energy leading to the craving for alcohol. Some food will help you have efficient brain energy, keep steady blood sugar, and improve the digestion. Proper digestion helps the body to take in amino-acids, minerals, and vitamins to fight alcohol craving. You can look for a nutrition expert to help you plan for substances that can help in the recovery.


Physical exercise can be a proper replacement for the self-destructive activities, like taking alcohol. Exercises stimulate neurotransmitters in the brain that make you forget about alcohol and substance abuse. Start slowly, and with time, you find yourself used to the new exercise routine. Also, we encourage walking for some distances on the walking tracks or going to malls and other display places.

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