5 Tricks to Passing the MCAT

The MCAT is one of the most difficult tests that a student will take in their lifetime. It is the one that determines their future career in medicine when...

The MCAT is one of the most difficult tests that a student will take in their lifetime. It is the one that determines their future career in medicine when it comes to their education. The right MCAT scores can get a student into the school of their dreams. If you have a desire to pursue a career in medicine and need to take the MCAT, there are a few points you want to remember to prepare for this rigorous test.

1. Consider the time

If you’d like to take the MCAT, consider the amount of time it’s going to take you to study for it. This is not a test that you can easily study for in two weeks. This type of test involves months of studying. In fact, the more time you have to study, the better off you’ll be. Don’t set yourself up for failure by rushing to study for the MCAT.

2. Find accountability

Find a fellow medical student who is interested in passing the exam as well. You guys can keep yourselves accountable to one another. It’s easy to look at a test and assume that since it’s months away, you have time to study. However, every moment counts. When you have accountability, you’re more likely to stick with the process.

3. Find effective study tactics

If you are a visual learner, you’ll need visual aids in order to study and understand the information effectively. Consider creating diagrams and visual charts in order to help you maintain an understanding of the material that you’re studying for each session. If you work better when you hear the information, find the lectures that are informative and engaging. Listen to those lectures when you’re exercising, in the car and doing other things so that you can take in the information. If you need tactile materials to help you study, get creative with games and other fun strategies.

4. Take an MCAT prep course

It’s a wise idea to take classes that are specifically dedicated to helping you pass the MCAT. It’s such a big deal and you want to make sure you give it all the energy and attention it deserves. Take an MCAT prep course so that you can ask questions and get feedback on different information that’s on the test. Plus, you’ll be in a room full of people who are on the same page as you and would like to do everything they can to pass the test.

5. Consume the information multiple times a day

Find ways to take the information that you learn each week and consume it in multiple ways each day. If you’re learning more about the digestive system, you can break this down into three different sessions every day. in the morning, look at five flashcards with five test terms regarding the digestive system. during your workout on the treadmill, listen to a podcast that talks about the digestive system. In the evening, do a thirty-minute study session and watch a YouTube video dedicated to the topics you’re studying.

If you apply these tips to your study life and remain committed to the process, you’ll be able to get the results you desire. Understand that it’s okay if you don’t pass on the first try. You can always take the test again. However, if you really learn the information in a way that you can effectively understand it, success is yours.

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