5 Signs that your Business needs Outsourcing

By providing a reliable and client-oriented service, companies make it easier for customers to reach out to brands and raise their concerns. Having a live agent to talk to...
Business needs Outsourcing

By providing a reliable and client-oriented service, companies make it easier for customers to reach out to brands and raise their concerns. Having a live agent to talk to is a big relief for present-day, tech-savvy audience. Hearing a live voice on the other end gives a sense of trust that the person sitting on the receiving side will surely listen to the problems and provide a solution. In a technologically advanced world that includes cloud-based computing, automation, lightning speed computer processes, and so on, the human connection continues to be one of the biggest factors for customer satisfaction.

Call centre outsourcing companies in UK offer a competitive edge to your competitors. While other companies are trying to cope with the order taking services, handling queries, and maintaining public relations at the same time, your outsourced customer support delivers a positive customer experience. Well-trained outsourcing agents understand the value of customers and handle customer inquiries in a very polite and professional manner while increasing customer retention.

Here are some signs that will help you to understand that it’s high time now and one should start outsourcing its services:

In-house support isn’t enough:

If your customer service is just limited to telecommunication, you are undoubtedly missing out a number of customer interactions. There are customers who prefer using communication channels such as, live interactions, email conversations, and chat options for easier use. As these options are easy to avail while you are busy multi-tasking. So it is important to increase your communication channels in order to get more response from your customers. Outsourcing representatives already have a deep experience in using various newly incorporated technologies.

Sales and marketing are not escalating:

The sales and marketing ratio varies depending on the industry. But if your sales ratio shows a significant drop, then the problem is grave. Broadly speaking, there is a 60 to 70 percent chance of selling your services to the existing customers while selling services to a newly added customer is not more than 20%.

There is an urgent need to boost your sales and marketing rate and increase customer retention. Let a trusted partner handle your sales and promotion area, while you focus on enhancing the process improvement platform for better customer interaction and service.

Customer satisfaction is dropping:

The prime reason why business entrepreneurs face a drop in customer service is that they are unable to serve their customers with the required demand. While an outsourced call centre company in UK can help you to win back your lost customers by their exemplary services. Professional customer service is well aware of the market needs that an in-house agent might not be proficient at. Also, the agents are trained in various real-time scenarios which make them even proficient in handling customers.

Sales clogged with unqualified leads:

According to a survey, only 25% of leads are qualified enough to be passed on to sales but sales and marketing team receive much more leads than this. In turn, facing unqualified leads which decrease the sales output.

While the call centre outsourcing companies ensure that they only provide best quality leads to the sales funnel. Collaborating with the outsourcing partner will reduce your burden of finding quality leads. Now you just need to monitor the quality of leads that you are getting. With continuous nurturing and follow-ups, you can change any cold prospect into a hot lead and eventually to a loyal customer.

The big picture is lost:

The world of marketing and promotions basically relies on content and digital technologies. It is a bigger challenge for small business owners to find new ideas for their social networking sites in order to attract a large traffic. If you are spending more than enough time finding blogs, contents, and ideas to post you will never be able to expand your business, hence losing the bigger picture out of sight.

It’s high time now and you need to hand over these services to your outsourcing partner while you should start focusing on ideas that will enhance your personal growth in the market.


Scale up your business

When your company has grown to a point where customers start placing their queries and interacting with the agents day and night, while you are running a day shift office only, it is obvious that your customers, as well as the agents, will be frustrated. Pending responses are generally not preferred by the customers. Its better that you start outsourcing your service centre and provide instant response to your customers. This will drastically improve your revenue and increase traffic.

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