3 Tips to Improve Your Spirituality with Bible Apps

Spirituality with Bible Apps
Spirituality with Bible Apps
Spirituality with Bible Apps

Although daily prayer and weekly mass is an important part for anyone who is a devoted Christian, that’s no reason to not take your spirituality a step further. As with many other things, technology is allowing us to get more out of ourselves and although things like apps are criticized for taking the “human element” out of the individual and society, it can also work the other way around and help a person to get more instead of less. 

No matter if you want to further understand Bible or you want a daily dose of inspirational quotes, specific apps can help you out with that so we decided to gather up 3 tips to help you with your religion using apps. 

Before we start, you might already have a Bible app on your phone, but in case you don’t, we did find a nice list of top 10 Bible apps you can check. 

Top 10 Apps for Bible Reading 

Either way, let’s start with how you can get the most out of these apps. 

Easily Compare Different Bible Versions 

Throughout the last 2 millennia, the Bible went through some heavy changes in the attempt to make it easier to understand for today’s reader. If everything was faithful to the original language, it would be straight impossible to completely immerse yourself into the teachings. For the most part, the changes are purely technical in simply replacing older vocabulary with the new one, but depending on the work, some messages have been changed. This is why researching different versions of the Bible is so important for many devoted Christians because it allows them to compare and understand the development of the Holy Book. 

If you’re one of those people, you know how hard it can be to find a rare old version of the Bible. But with apps, this becomes extremely easy since many of them contain dozens of different versions. Even better, you can compare specific paragraph one to another in the same window makes it easy to compare lines and spot the vocabulary changes and changes to the messages as well. 

Get Even Deeper Understanding Using Research Tools 

In case you want to step up your exploring even further, you’ll be glad to know that most of the apps also come with Christianity-related dictionaries and plans created to fuly understand how the Bible unfolds. On top of that, passage guides can also allow you not to walk in the dark trying to find that ray of light. Instead, you can easily pinpoint the specific passage you’re looking for without wasting your precious time.

As far as reading plans go, they are created depending on what you need. There are reading plans both for the Old and New Testament and a sort of crash course plan in case you want to get a grasp of the Bible in an extremely short window of time.

Also, just to further prove the endless possibilities you can have, you can also find versions specifically made for children, men, women and so on. Since the Bible is an extremely rich book, anyone can find themselves in it and get something out of it. Thus, if you know where to look for what you need, it becomes an even more enjoyable and rich experience. 

Listen to the Bible When Commuting 

Since so many of us lead such a hectic life, sometimes you just can’t find time to devote yourself to Bible reading and research. Luckily, you can easily get an audio version of the Bible and listen to it while commuting for example. This way you can quickly get the most out of your limited time and devote yourself even when thinking you don’t have the time. Even if you only have 5 minutes, you can still get most out of the time by having a quick listen of a small passage to get that daily dose of inspiration and motivation. 

Remember, it’s not about the amount of time you spend, but how well you spend the time you have. This can also be useful to people who are having trouble reading on a small mobile phone screen as they can easily pick up the audio version instead. 


We sincerely hope our tips will help you get more out of the Holy Book, especially if you’re a devoted person who running on a limited time. Thus, even if our tips help you just a little, we will consider it a magnificent victory. 

Hope this helps you and let us know if you might have any tips that helped you strengthen your spirituality.




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