3 Common Types of Car Tires

Types of Car Tires
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In this era, automobile industry has come up with great variety of tyre so that buyer can choose according to the seasonal and driving needs. One can easily walk to the dealer and replace the tyres provided by manufacturer for a set of high performance. For sure, the good quality tyres doesn’t just smoothen your drive but completely change the way your car looks. On a broader scale, the tyres are mainly divided into the Standard and Premium categories.

Premium category if further divided into two categories like touring and sporty category. Premium category also entails some special construction types such as the Run Flat tyres and High Speed tires Dubaietc. Eco-Friendly tyres are especially made for the Touring category. In order to get the best out of your stylish vehicle, here are few types of tyres that you can buy;

Standard Tyres

Also known as the General Usage tyres or Stock Tyres, these are mostly the OE fitted ones that you usually get with the car. In case you are looking for the same specification tires Dubai, you can easily get it in the aftermarket. For those of you, who do not have great expectations with their tyres and are just satisfied with the current performance, they can simply go for this type of tyre. Most of its performance parameters are already optimized for the general usage as these are tested and approved by the OE Manufacturer. One plus Point! Unlike the Premium Tyres, these won’t tax your pocket anyway.

Touring Tyres

These tyres are mainly known for the comfort and flexibility. When it’s about the tyre, the comfort isn’t just meant as the driving comfort such as less vibration but it also lowers the new levels that make the driving more fun. These types of tyres are usually for the premium vehicles especially for driving to office or simply travelling with family.

The touring tyres have the treat patterns that are less aggressive like the sporty tyres. In fact, the design features on tread of touring tyres contribute considerably to the less noisy attribute of this type of tyre. If you wish to get the touring tires Dubai, you are as good as heading toward the comfortable and less noisy drive.

Sporty Tyres

The reason as to why these are also known as performance tyres is that these are designed to enhance the handling and grip of a vehicle. It is made up of softer tread compound rubber that is mainly designed to ensure maximum grip even at the high speeds. This particular attribute will support the fast drive especially during dry and wet weather conditions. Perhaps that’s the reason as to why this tyre is the perfect match for the sports cars as it has the optimum cornering and handling ability.

In case you are looking for the better performance tyres, you can easily get it from the aftermarket. Though rash driving isn’t a pretty good idea unless you are on the racing track but still if you prefer to drive fast, get your vehicle wear these tyres to at least have a controllable drive.


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