Yoga: Is a bless or curse in pregnancy?

Yoga is very important for everyone in everyday’s life. And getting pregnant doesnot leads to any stoppage of practicing yoga. Benefits of yoga are tremendous during pregnancy as it improves energy. It also relaxes, de-stresses, and helps in meditation thus makes the expectant more mindful. But pregnant ladies should know about the safe yoga poses for pregnancy to practice.

Few things to keep in mind:

Yoga poses that should be avoided:

  1. Closed twist- it creates problem to blood flow to bulbs and also minimise space for baby.
  2. Belly down- this posture which includes cobra, locust, and bow pose are not at all good for baby.
  3. Backbends- major backbends include wheel posture which is very risky after first trimester.
  4. Full inversions- going upside down in this posture like headstand and handstand are very risky during pregnancy.
  5. Heated yoga- raising core temperature is not required during pregnancy thus heated yoga should be avoided.

But perfect postures of yoga help to prepare mothers for labor. Mothers get not only physically stronger but also emotionally healthier.

Safe yoga postures for pregnancy

  1. Standing mountain- this posture helps to warm up muscles. Yoga sequences always start with this posture. This can be done by standing up in feet with knees slightly bent. The palms should touch each other in front of chest.
  2. Supported triangle- it strengthens mothers’ entire body. To achieve this, one should stand keeping feet farther than shoulder-width apart.
  3. Cat cow- this pose is very safe for all stages of pregnancy and it strengthen muscles and lengthen the spine. During practicing this posture mother should practice deep breathing.
  4. Warrior- this posture is also very safe for all pregnancy trimester. It strengthens leg and spine.
  5. Bridge pose- this pose is very helpful to open up hips and strengthen core, glutes and hamstrings. It can be practiced through all the trimester unless one don’t feel uncomfortable.
  6. King pigeon- this pose helps to open up the front of hips and glutes which gives more support. It is also safe for all trimesters of pregnancy.
  7. Tree pose- this posture is best for making firm balance. It also strengthens core and legs.

To conclude yoga is a popular form of exercise both from the fitness and relaxation point of view. During the stages of pregnancy, you are already in a state of tension and you should look at flushing out the toxins from your body. Be careful not to adopt any weight loss methods during pregnancy as this can lead to fatal consequences in the days to come. Yes, yoga is safe on all counts, but there are certain yoga poses to avoid during pregnancy, and this happens in the later stage