Why should you convert your YouTube video the right way before posting on Facebook?

Convert your YouTube video
convert your YouTube video the right way before posting on Facebook
convert your YouTube video the right way before posting on Facebook

Uploading a video on YouTube makes you a known face and helps you gain immense popularity among billions of users residing in different corners of the world. People majorly used to watch YouTube videos on their computers before the development of smartphones with big displays. However, with the changing time, Facebook became the biggest social media platform where there are billions of active users a day streaming hours and hours of media online. So, the advertising agencies and the solo YouTube artists also started to share their content on Facebook along with YouTube to reach out to a larger scale of audiences.

Both the YouTube and the Facebook window look very different from one another. Majority of the users control their Facebook and accesses their timelines from their mobile phones whereas, YouTube is still surfed in laptops or tablets providing a larger screen. So naturally, the video which looks on YouTube, if not customised as per the requirement of a mobile screen will look awful on the mobile display. Directly uploading of YouTube videos to Facebook within a limited time frame and size limit is practically a very difficult job. It not only degrades quality but also hinders the boosting of views on the YouTube channel.

Therefore, to be popular equally on both the social media platforms, the ideal way is to convert the YouTube video into a Facebook video through a YouTube to a Facebook converter. In that way, a Facebook user on clicking the video link on Facebook will directly end up watching on the video on YouTube’s window as he will be automatically redirected there. This will benefit both the social media platforms as well as the person uploading it. There will be a definite increase in views on YouTube and through Facebook’s sharing options; the content can become viral within a short span of time.

Now, if you want to upload a video on YouTube, how do you convince people to click on your video and not on others? Obviously, through an impressive thumbnail! A thumbnail is the first thing your audience can view which will compel them to click on your video and view it. The size of a YouTube thumbnail and a Facebook thumbnail is different. Since most of the Facebook users watch the videos on their mobile screen, you will need the help of a YouTube to Facebook thumbnail generator. This tool will help you in getting a customised YouTube to Facebook thumbnail keeping in mind the size and pixels.

The thumbnail generator will generate a thumbnail by capturing an image from your video. Or, you can also customise it personally by adding an image along with some texts. Your thumbnail on Facebook will be larger in size and help you to get attention from the varied content present on a Facebook window. It will also have a play button attached for giving users an easy access.

These steps are very essential and need to be followed well to gain views on YouTube. If not done in a right way, you will miss out on the opportunity of reaching out to a large audience.

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