Where can You Find Free Automatic MySQL Backup Resources?

Isn’t it fascinating how much Automatic MySQL backups are gaining attention? Still, many people have not quit accessed the privileges of MySQL, simply for lack of knowhow on where...
Automatic MySQL Backup
Automatic MySQL Backup

Isn’t it fascinating how much Automatic MySQL backups are gaining attention? Still, many people have not quit accessed the privileges of MySQL, simply for lack of knowhow on where to find the backup resources. While at it, it is important to note that MySQL is now owned by Oracle, although not to mean that it has changed its functionality, or even its accessibility.

For new users, experts and/or developers, finding free automatic MySQL backup resources is fundamental, which is why this article enlists the most amazing places you can find them:

MySQL Official website

Of course a widely used server like MySQL has an official website. From their website, you can download MySQL, patches, and other tools that help you work with MySQL more efficiently.

MySQL Optimization

MySQL, like most of other technological services, requires reinforcement for supplementation and compliments. This happens to be the official manual MySQL Optimization with various techniques including optimizing SELECT statements, locking, and disk usage issues.

MySQL Wiki

Keep in touch with the MySQL community with this resource, which gives you ideas and knowledge about the MySQL Community including MySQL User Groups, MySQL FAQs, MySQL events, and conferences.

MySQL Community Server

If you are looking for MySQL download links, this is your lucky spot that provides you with the MySQL Community server download links, most of which are available on various platforms e.g., Linux, Windows, Sun Solaris, and Mac OS X.

Various MySQL blogs

There are so many blogs written that are valuable with information on free automatic MySQL backup resources, including:

MySQL Server blog – this blog updates MySQL news directly from the MySQL Server team which will allow you to access first-hand resources for your data backup solutions.

MySQL performance blog – this is a very useful blog with numerous posts about MySQL performance optimization.

MySQL Workbench

The MySQL Workbench is a database design tool for MySQL developers. It has quite a number of features, some of which include, visual database design, forward and reverses engineering, changes management, and database documentation.

MySQL database workbench has a community version which you can download and use for free for your automatic backup solution.

SQL Tutorial

Since MySQL utilizes the SQL language, this tutorial is a valuable source for backup resources. It is rather a comprehensive tutorial that helps you learn basic to advanced SQL with practical examples that will set you forward in the use of MySQL automatic backup.


This is a free MySQL database administration tool over the web. It is written in PHP and is widely used by the community to manage MySQL databases.

Oracle Tutorial

Even though MySQL is independent from Oracle, this is a great website for learning Oracle Database as well as understanding the dynamics of MySQL and more necessary resources that you should use.

MySQL Events

What better way to access MySQL resources than to be fully integrated with the MySQL community? With events like Oracle MySQL Events, MySQL.com Events and Wiki page of MySQL Events, it is highly possible to access the free automatic MySQL backup resources at your convenience.


The greatest source of most things in life has always been hidden in books. With so much you can learn about the challenges of MySQL and the specific resources to pursue over others for your backup solutions, books like MySQL High Availability, Effective MySQL series, MySQL Cookbook and Understanding MySQL Internals, are something you should indulge in.

If you have not yet considered a data backup solution, MySQL should top your list, with so many go-to spots for not only finding valuable information to help you with your use of MySQL services, but also giving you free automatic MySQL backup resources. Welcome to the MySQL community!

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