What is Baby Colic and its impact on Child Development?

The best Child Specialist in Noida defines Baby Colic as a collection of unexplained, consistent, and excessive crying episodes that last for more than three days, three hours or...
Baby Colic and its impact on Child Development
Baby Colic and its impact on Child Development

The best Child Specialist in Noida defines Baby Colic as a collection of unexplained, consistent, and excessive crying episodes that last for more than three days, three hours or three weeks. Also known as Infantile Colic, it occurs in the evening and results in ear-shattering wails of the baby with clenched fists, a red face, and failing legs. No matter whatever you try, nothing can comfort your baby. Colic occurs due to the gastrointestinal discomfort, fever, swollen abdomen or lethargy. The best Child Specialist in Noida explains that the treatment for Colic involves little to no use of medicines and therapies. Try applying gentle pressure to your baby’s abdomen, help your baby burp, ask for the antigas drops from the pediatrician, and consider giving probiotics to your baby.

The best child specialist in Noida also ask the breastfeeding mothers to avoid food that can cause tummy troubles. Avoid gas-causing food like cabbage, cauliflower, citrus fruits, and allergenic foods. Also, the cow milk in babies is known to develop antibodies that response to a bovine protein which further causes colic. So, if your baby is on extensive cow milk then probably you should discontinue giving it. But, before you do so, consulting the best child specialist in Noida.

Does Colic impact your Child’s development?

A colicky baby is very tricky to handle. It is stressful and exhausting. While staying calm is easier to say than done, many parents worry about the impact of exhaustive crying on their baby’s development. According to the latest research, if the crying of the colic babies is resolved within the starting three months, they will have no ongoing behavior problems. Therefore, if your baby cries a lot in the first three months of life, there will be no lasting impacts on his/her development. Moreover, there is no link to colic causing any psychosocial disorder in your baby. There will be no lasting impacts of colic on your baby’s behavior or well-being. Therefore, you can rest assured that your baby will grow up to a healthy toddler without any risk of behavioral problems.

What are the quick remedies for Colic?

Apply a gentle pressure to the baby’s tummy

Colicky babies find relief when the pressure is applied to their abdomen. The power of touch is very calming for the babies as well as for the mothers. Place your baby on your lap with face-down position or try the colic-carry posture, and gently rub his/her back. This helps your baby to pass the gas and bring a sustainable relief from colic.

Try Burping your baby

Burping your colicky baby is one of the quick ways to bring relief. The inconsolable fussiness of your baby is due to gas. And, at times, burping can help relieve the pain. Hold your baby against your shoulder. Place your one hand to support his/her bottom and pat or rub the back with another hand. You can also try the face-down position on your lap. Also, if possible, make your baby walk or try to make him/her sit leaning slightly forward. The best child specialist in Noida asks to check whether or not you are burping your baby effectively.

Try the antigas drops

The antigas drops help in breaking the gas bubbles in the gut, thereby reducing the discomfort in the stomach. Ask the pediatrician of your baby to give gas drops made from simethicone. No medicine to be taken without consulting the doctor. Ask the doctor and take only the prescribed medicines.

Go for Probiotics

Probiotic bacteria grow naturally in the digestive tract and helps in to promote the intestinal health. Therefore, giving probiotic drops may control the crying in some colicky babies, as they ease the tummy troubles. Again, before you choose to go for probiotic drops, ask the pediatrician and take the medicine under his/her recommendation.

Be careful with what you eat

If you are a breastfeeding mother, be careful with what you eat. Avoid food that causes gas or can upset the stomach. You should try eliminating food like cruciferous veggies and allergenic foods (wheat, eggs, peanuts, etc.) from your diet. Be very particular about what you eat.

Many parents swear by gripe water, but reliable researches have not shown its effectiveness with colic. Remember that you should never give any medication without asking the pediatrician first. Whenever you decide to make major changes in your baby’s diet, talk to your doctor first and then adopt the changes.  https://www.nidanchildcare.com

So, a colicky baby is no more a struggle for you. It is easy to make your baby comfortable and relaxed when the colic occurs. Try the above-suggested tips to curb colic and let us know what helped you. Also, if you have some other colic-curbing tips to share, do write them in the comment section.

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