Want to know the little Secret of Making How Your Own Handmade Solid Perfume?

Handmade Solid Perfume
Handmade Solid Perfume
Handmade Solid Perfume

In a world where everything comes so expensive, you surely would love to have things you can make for yourself at half the cost. That saves up a lot of money helping you not run low of cash and struggle with your pocket. Secondly also it makes it all the more organic since you will be aware of all the ingredients that you will be using. Who does not love to smell amazingly fresh? And then imagine you making the perfume all by yourself. That will be only exclusive to you and there will not be any one else apart from you using the same one having the same fragrance. Have you ever wanted to make your own perfume? You should, because it’s one of the easiest beauty projects you can do for yourself make the best smelling handmade solid perfume.  A few essential oils and the right base ingredients, and you’ve got a million possibilities to make millions of different fragrance.

Want to know the little secret of making how your own handmade solid perfume?

  • First you have to realize that it is possibly one of the easiest do your own things or a project. And since this is such an incredibly easy thing to do , you can make several batches. And that will obviously help you get different scents for different occasions. And also you can gift it to your people you like.
  • So the first thing that you will want to do is decide how much solid perfume you want to make. So make sure you take equal parts beeswax and carrier oil. And depending on the kind of fragrance you want for your handmade perfume add the essential oils. The ones you like almond oil or jasmine oil or some added fragrance to normal coconut oil. You can add more or less depending on how strong you’d like your best handmade solid perfume to smell like.
  • Secondly once when you add all of it then that is also a good time to open up your containers and lay them on a surface ready for pouring. Make sure when you do that you be careful enough for not pouring them out of the container.
  • Thirdly you can use a double boiler to heat your beeswax and oil on the stove. It is said that you shouldn’t melt down beeswax in a microwave. so if you don’t have a double boiler, you can fill a pot with water and place a heat safe bowl or a smaller pot in the boiling water to melt the beeswax it. It will make it look even better. And that look will make your work even more fun.
  • But you have to be sure to heat your beeswax on low/medium heat and stir as it melts down. You can always add your fragrance oil into the melted mixture once the beeswax is completely melted. And you see there half the work is done.
  • And finally once your beeswax is melted down, pour it into your containers. And all you have to do is let the wax harden for a few hours, and you’re all done.

This will give you an amazing experience and also you will get the smell that you always wanted.

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