Want to Earn Best-Fixed Deposit Interest Rates? Know more!

If you are a bit confused where to invest your hard-earned money to earn a healthy dividend, let’s quickly clear your confusion and provide you with a handy solution.

You might be wondering which investment scheme will give you more ROI between a bank savings account or a fixed deposit and more, right? Yes, investors often face such situations where they are not able to decide a good investment product.

The first thing that investors look at while considering investment options is – opt for those that pay you back with maximum liquidity laced with security and higher returns.

Talking about the discussed traits that an investment option has, a fixed deposit scheme is one of the major investment tools that you can rely on when compared to bank’s savings account.

A Fixed Deposit Scheme Offers Higher Returns and More – have a look!

An online company fixed deposit scheme these days can provide you with returns up to 8% or more as per your age and membership status. Let’s know more!

  1. Get more out of your Investments

You need not settle for less with a bank’s savings account when you can avail a company’s fixed deposit scheme and earn more. Yes, leading online non-banking finance companies (NBFCs) provide a return as high as 8.10%.

  1. Invest Less and Earn More

You need not deposit a huge amount to open you FD these days. Invest just with Rs.25,000 and let it earn great profits.

  1. Get More Safety and Credibility

ICRA’S MAAA and CRISIL’S FAAA stable ratings are proof that your investment is never at risk and you can sit back, relax while letting your money grow.

  1. Flexibility of the Tenor

You also get to close your fixed deposit scheme and start a new one for a different tenor if you want to have some changes when it comes to returns. Leading service providers also let you choose between 12 and 60 months as a tenor, to complement your financial goals.

  1. More coverage to serve you better

Online fixed deposit schemes are available in more than 200 cities in India letting you make the most of the opportunities.

  1. Lets you manage the FD account online

Service providers also let you manage your fixed deposit account on the go. When you can see the progress of your FD account online from anywhere, you are in a better position to track and manage it.

  1. Doorstep service keeps you relaxed

Once you submit the online form to open your FD, you can sit back and relax. Why? Your documents and cheque will be picked by a representative of your service provider which means that you are free from visiting their offices physically.

The Bottom Line

Hence, if you are willing to see your FD investment grow bit by bit and earn more fixed deposit interest rate, you now know what to do.

Compare FD interest rates offerings of companies online on a third-party website and go for the best deal!