Using full –service brokers a sensible option

For a stock trader, the offline option proves much helpful as it is only matter of a phone call for him and the expert operator sitting their place orders...

For a stock trader, the offline option proves much helpful as it is only matter of a phone call for him and the expert operator sitting their place orders for him. For a stock trader, it is really important to find a right broker who can offer complete services to you.

These full- service brokers are also called as traditional stockbrokers, and they offer varied services as the name implies. These stockbrokers tend to proffer a number of services that are possible for investors who are inclined to open accounts in their firm.

As soon as you begin to operate an account in any brokerage company, they assign a representative to your account. This rep is generally known as an account executive is a registered representative or can be said to be financial advisor by the company. This individual possesses a securities license by which it is meant that he is having registration in SEBI or any exchange and is well versed with stocks specially and in the matters of investing generally.

Nowadays, all stockbrokers have websites that are full featured in order to impart more information to you regarding their services. Collect all the possible information before picking any broker to open an account with. You can visit websites of top 10 stock broker in India to be informed about the facilities they provide.

Role of stockbroker

Your financial advisor holds all responsibility to help you, reply your queries regarding your account and all about the securities within the portfolio. The account executive also carries out your sell and purchase orders. Below are listed some things the traditional brokers tend to perform.

Provide guidance and recommendation

The big difference that lies among the traditional brokers and the discount brokers is that of personal attention which you get from the financial advisor. You are needed to be on first name basis in the records of a traditional broker. Moreover, you are required to reveal most of the information concerning your finances and investment objectives. The representative is always there to offer recommendations regarding stocks plus funds which are conducive to your aims.

Offer access to research

These traditional brokers can provide you access to research department concerned with investment by which you are able to get profound information and also analysis regarding a company.

 Assist you to obtain your investment goals

It is quite clear that a better representative wants to know your investment objectives and you in person also and after that hold out advice and reply your queries regarding what specific strategies and investments are going to aid you in achieving your wealth growing goals.

 Be able to take investment decisions for you

A lot of investors do not wish to be bothered at the time of making investment decisions. The traditional brokers are able to take decisions on your behalf regarding your account with your consent. It is also called as a discretionary account. This sort of service is okay but make it certain to know it from them about their choices


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