Unrecognized Instagram & SEO Tricks for Boosting Businesses

Instagram is a social networking site that is growing in popularity by the day. As such even organizations that cannot boast of flashy products or image-driven initiatives are compelled to get involved. It implies that creativity has to be at its height and that an effective strategy could be chalked out and it could help you in attaining your objectives speedily. In this article, we intend to discuss creating a brand presence on Instagram before taking into account the nitty-gritty of an SEO-oriented strategy. Once you are satisfied with all that you have done for your Instagram account, you could follow the tips discussed below to take you to a whole new level.

Seek Partnership from a Charity or Nonprofit Organization

People generally have a weakness for organizations that do something for the welfare of the community. Even though, your organization is not directly into social work or charity, you could be a part of it indirectly by sharing part of your profits with any nonprofit organization associated with your industry, or you may think of fundraising for a noble cause, or you may consider sending employees on some helpful community service trips etc. This could prove to be really wonderful for promoting your business website and your business in general. It could be really helpful on Instagram as photos could be so impressive and powerful. Seek free Instagram likes for such photos. This works fine provided you are having the same audience and you are not official competitors.

Make the Most of Instagram’s Business Tools Meant for Advertising

For numerous businesses, Instagram is nothing but a platform for connecting with your target audience through relevant images, stories, using the perfect filters, and sharing the pictures with the correct audience. Obviously, the next step for any business would be to opt for paid advertising. You must effectively make use of Instagram’s special characteristics that were developed precisely for businesses. These characteristics are useful and they facilitate seeing metrics on the performance of specific posts. Some of this important data would be including engagement, impressions, shares, reach etc. for exclusively your paid advertisements.

Purchase an Instagram Account That Has Established Followers

This unique idea of purchasing an Instagram account that has established followers was triggered by a useful Kissmetrics article. However, the critical issue here is this could be a totally wrong audience for your business. Moreover, quality is given more importance to quantity in all aspects of online marketing. You must identify an account which boasts of a similar audience. You could connect with some bloggers related to your industry and discuss your intention of buying an Instagram account with fully established followers.


The world of search engines is truly dynamic and constantly evolving. Moreover, you must understand that simply because social signals are currently not accounted forSEO, there isno guarantee that they would never be considered in future. Search engines are consistently tailoring and customizing the algorithms so that the search experience could become more specific and personalized from the perspective of users.

Author Bio: Harris is a leading blog writer and content marketing professional with thousands of real Instagram followers for his postings. Learn more on Like4Like Instagram technique on his blog.