The Most Underrated Airlines for Year 2017

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The air travel industry has developed greatly over the past few years. With time, competition has increased drastically and the number of airlines operating have doubled. In this heavy competition, some airlines have made quite a strong brand name. While some airlines may have a good market share, they are not as popularly known in the industry as they should be. Today let’s take a look at the most underrated airlines for year 2017.


This low cost Malaysian airline is far better than the original flag carrier airline of the country. The airline has a further of seven subsidiaries which are serving Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines among other routes. With such massive operations and smooth services, it is a wonder AirAsia is not as known among travelers as it should be.

Air Canada

Air Canada is the flag carrier and largest airline operating from Canada. Of course, you may have heard or known about the airline already but I still feel Air Canada is underrated. In a world where airlines like United are so popular (for all the wrong reasons), Air Canada should be more popular and for all the right reasons. And one of these reasons is definitely the punctuality of its flights and warmness of its staff. Every time I have flown with Air Canada, I have had a wonderful experience.

Jetstar Airways

A subsidiary of Qantas, Jetstar airways has all the qualities of its parent company. This is a big plus considering the airline is a low cost carrier. It is truly a great option to consider for routes in Southeast Asia. If you are on a limited budget, Jetstar airways is worth a try.


Launched recently in 2012, this Singaporean budget airline operates mainly in China and Australia. Considering its fair enough services and economical fares, the airline truly deserves more praise and recognition in the air travel industry. I would rate scoot quite high in the list of budget airlines due to the value for money it provides.


This is another Canadian airline that has made it to the list of underrated airlines for this year. Maybe Canadians need to adopt a more aggressive marketing technique or review their policies in general because West Jet is definitely a great option among the low cost carriers. It should be more popular than it is.

Sun Country airlines

Having personally flown on Sun Country Airlines, I can vouch for its smooth operations and good customer services. For me, good customer dealing is very important as I have had very poor experiences with some big and popular airlines like Turkish airlines in the past. So naturally, I was highly impressed by this privately owned airline’s customer relations. Small scale operations may very well be the reason why the airline has not gained more recognition. Because other than that, I don’t see why the airline is not considered a favorite for the routes that it flies on.

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