Trident Society Talks on Types of Cremation Urns & How To Choose Them

Cremation urns are the most important part of funeral service when it comes to cremation process. Unlike the burial where the job is done when the remains are buried and the tombstone is erected, the cremation process isn’t complete just by burning the body. Much work is left to be done with the ashes. Here the ashes are the body remains or CREMAINS as they are called. As per Trident Society people, a renowned cremation service provider in the US, that these remains are to be preserved for lifelong in an Urn or transported in an urn in order to scatter it or bury it. No matter what you choose to do with it, the urn holds a special place of importance in a cremation service. It’s quite similar to the tombstone in this regard and indeed has various inscriptions and engraving on it like a tombstone.

While cremation service providers Trident Society arranges for this purpose yet much needs to be learned before we opt for their service. There are various kinds of urns available, based on your purpose of use and each type is suitable for the type of cremation you opt for. Therefore, before we go for a cremation service here is an insight on different types of urns and way to choose them.

Small Keepsake Urns and Cremation Jewellery

This type of urn is ideal if you are planning to distribute the ashes of your beloved amongst their family members in order to preserve them. These are small keepsake urns which are easy to carry and highly portable and can be easily kept on a columbarium.  The size, weight and the material used to build the urn varies according to your preference. Metallic and wooden urns are the most sought-after options. Apart from this, some people also go for cremation jewelry which is nothing but a piece of jewelry with small pockets to hold the ashes. These can be worn by people according to their will and can be engraved by inscriptions and symbols as per choice

The Burial Urn

This is a one of the kind of urns made for those who want a burial of the ashes instead of scattering them; These urns are typically made of wood or stone which goes well with burials. Sometimes metallic urns are also used for this purpose.

Lightweight Urns for scattering

This is the most conventional type of urns and most people opt for this. Here, the stress is on making it lighter in weight with an easy disposable lid. This not only helps in carrying the urn but also helps while scattering the ashes into the sea.

Biodegradable Urns

Last but not the least is the biodegradable urn. Amongst the layman, it is known as the non-scattering non-burial urn which doesn’t need any of the above-mentioned procedure. This is made of biodegradable substances like a mixture of cornstarch, sand, wood, bamboo or simply using coconut shells, thus making it decomposable. You don’t have to do anything with these urns they will release the ashes slowly and gradually, and decompose along with them.