Top Mistakes to Avoid Compromising Your Ability to Survive in the Wild

When you go exploring the wilderness, it can be impossible to predict what you will encounter. However, by ensuring you have the right attitude, the right planning, and the right skills, you can lessen the risks. A critical part of surviving in unfamiliar territories is learning about your weaknesses and knowing how to work around them. Here are some mistakes that you should avoid to stay safe in a jungle.

Having a Bad Attitude

One of the most fundamental factors involved in ensuring your safety in the wild is the right attitude. Unless you respect your environment and appreciate that there could be innumerable hazards that could threaten your safety and wellbeing, you are liable to make mistakes that can prove to be life-threatening. It is also quite possible that you could end up endangering others or the environment by your careless attitude.

Failing To Camp on High Ground

Wherever possible, you should always try to set up your camp on high ground. Doing so has numerous advantages; you are able to have a commanding view of the territory below you and there is nothing above you that may take you by surprise. Also, by camping on the high ground, you will not expose yourself to the risk of being swept away by flash floods. Some of the best Tadobaaccommodation has the advantage of being situated on high ground.

Not Protecting Your Camp

Even if you are setting up camp just for the night, you should not ignore the necessity of setting up a defense system on the perimeter of the campsite to safeguard the camp from predators or even raiding parties. Keeping a watch during the night and a fire burning can help to avoid much of the risk of animal attacks. If you are venturing into territories that are known to have a risk of raiders, you should have adequate arms to defend yourself. However, don’t shoot at the animals unless your life is in grave danger because it is our duty to protect the wildlife.

Ignoring the Hazard of Flash Floods

It is always very important to keep a watch on the weather and especially so when you have ventured into an area that is known for flash floods. You should also never underestimate the speed and power of flash floods. If you see a flood is approaching, be sure to get out of its way by getting to the highest ground possible in double-quick time. Never make the mistake of trying to outrun it even if you are in a fast vehicle. Even crossing creeks should be avoided if you see them filling up rapidly because vehicles and their occupants can be swept away very easily.


The most effective way of keeping yourself safe while camping in the wild is to know the area as intimately as possible. You will therefore not be taken by surprise by the terrain, the weather conditions, the wildlife,the sort of food that you can gather and survive on if you are stranded, the best routes, and much more.