Top 6 Tourist Attractions of Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is a city crammed with tourist spots, beautiful architecture and splendid sites. Whether historic, spiritual, artistic or cultural; you can find every type of vibes in this rich city. Thecity not just talks about the splendid history it had but also speaks of its current lavish present.

Even for your stay, you can easily find good Ahmedabad cheap hotels. From comfort to exploration; everything is there on the plate of Ahmedabad. So, before you make up your mind about anything; you must have a look at Top 6 Tourist attractions of Ahmedabad. These spots are going to excite you even more!

  1. Sabarmati Ashram

This Ashram is stretchedon western bank of River Sabarmati. The place was the base of Mahatma Gandhi’s political deeds. The spot has observed him carrying out well-known Dandi March in the year 1930. The ashram attracts a huge number of visitors and travellers throughout the year. The museum here houses some belongings of Mahatma Gandhi.

  1. The-Calico-Museum

The-Calico-Museum is famed among the travellersand people who visit this spot. If you visit here, you can experience an extensive collection of strange textiles such ascostumes, royal tents and carpets. It was built in year 1949 and demonstrates the wonderful collections of seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

  1. Jumma Masjid

Jama Masjid is a sophisticated architectural constructionthat is not just a prestigious spiritual site butan artistic spot too. It was formed in 1423 to provide the Muslim devotees with a spot to assemble for their Friday prayers. The yellow sandstone mosque was establishedby using the bits and pieces of abolished Jain and Hindu temples.

  1. Akshardham Temple

It is dedicated to Swaminarayan and the temple is a premium example of current day architecture and chic. Akshardham has been believed to be a place of excellence, light and entertainment. Approximately two million tourists pay a visit tothis temple every year. Its golden idolis ten stories tall.

  1. Kankaria Lake

It is the most popular and visited tourist attractions among visitors in Ahmedabad. The stunning and creative lake was built by Sultan Kutubuddin in fifteenth century and called QutubHojj or Hauj-e-Kutub. A pleasing garden isalso there in the middle of this beautiful lake called NaginaWadi. The entire lake and its surroundings are full of activities, entertainment and deliciousness.

  1. LalbhaiDalpatbhai Museum

This Museum is popularly calledL. D. Museum. The museum is a beautiful place of outstanding Indian Sculptures, innovative Wood works, charming Bead works, involving Paintings, Bronzes, Manuscripts,coins and superb Drawings. Moreover the museum also has a library that possesses 45,000 printed books along with about 75,000 manuscripts. Within the museum, there are also galleries named after some of the renowned art collectors.

Thus, these were just a few spots of this beautiful city of Gujarat. Just check out Ahmedabad budget hotels for your stay and go for a memorable trip. After all, the city has plenty of destinations and amazing sites for those who love to explore and witness variety.