Three Ways to Stand Out During Your Next Interview

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Next Interview
Next Interview

After spending more time than expected, you find yourself finally landing the interview.  You have the perfect resume ready, you have the personal and professional recommendations ready.  The details are in order after doing the homework about the company, who the interview is  with and you have your lucky charm…now how can you stand out.  How can you make your information and interview be exactly what they are looking for?

Obviously there is something already about you that has peaked their interest. Now is the time to shine. Here are 3 proven ways to make sure you stand-out amongst the crowd:

Make sure they know and remember who YOU are

Up to now you are a sheet of paper.  Letters and numbers have made you seem like a fit, but do they know you?  Your resume includes the normal basics such as work and salary history, places you have been and how long you were there and what your accomplishments are up to now.  But do they know you? In your interview be sure to give them interesting facts about yourself. Those facts can make you the perfect fit but they will never know that if you don’t remember to tell them exactly who you are and what they are getting when they hire you.

Your interview starts the minute you pull up on the property, so make sure everyone from the receptionist to the doorman sees and remembers you.  It leaves an impact that cannot translate to paper.

Don’t go quiet

This is not the time to be shy.  They have set a time to meet you and they want to know exactly what you offer that is different from the person who was just being interviewed and from the person that comes after you.  You have the perfect smile, haircut, business attire and requirements obviously, so make sure they know and see it all.  The worst thing in an interview is silence.  Making them ask questions and pull information out of you will not go very far.  You never want to oversell, for example don’t wear the heavy cologne that you wear out at the club saying you may be what you are not.  Instead keep it tasteful.  Wear your expensive accessories. They show that you have had success in the past because you can afford nice things.

Be honest with them and yourself and its much more believable and sellable.  Tell them your hidden skills and talents that may not be asked.  If you have noticed that they have a 10 line phone system that you know by heart then by all means tell them that.  The less they have to train and the more you know can make you invaluable but they will never know that it exists unless you speak up. 

Be prepared for ANY question

You can never guess what they may ask.  It can be anything from what is your favorite ice cream to how clean is your car right now.  Don’t hesitate.  You can think long and think wrong if you aren’t prepared.  They may even turn the tables and ask you what would you like to know about them.  Never ummmm, that makes them think you look ill prepared.

Role playing in your head on the way or even with your friend or significant other before the actual interview can be good practice.  It may seem silly or even childish, but if you are prepared for anything they are willing to ask then there cannot be any way that your not the standout interview for the day.

In the end, your goal is to get the position so make sure that you be you.  The worst outcome is faking the interview, getting the job, then hating what you do for a living or losing it because you weren’t qualified to begin with.  Remember in the long run you are actually spending more time there that at home some days so make sure it makes you happy and them happy.

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