This is How to Conquer Major Depression Disorder

Major Depression Disorder
Major Depression Disorder
Major Depression Disorder

Have you ever had a moment of sadness in your life? Sometimes, things may not work as you planned and sadness becomes inevitable. This, however, should be a short-term phase that should pass with time. Unfortunately, to some people, this sadness never seems to go away. It can lead to intense feelings for a long time leading to major depressive disorder.

This disorder is a severe condition which can interfere with different aspects of your life. It can tamper with your mood and affect how you relate with others. The medical condition can also have an impact on your behavior and interfere with how your body functions.

Major depressive disorder (MDD) can take away your interest in the things you used to love before. It is a mental illness that affects about 7% of the American population. Today, we aim at helping anyone with this condition understand it better and find ways of coping with it. Read on! 

Major Depression Disorder

Major Depression Disorder 

How can you identify the symptoms of MDD?

symptoms of MDD

symptoms of MDD

Mental health professionals can diagnose this condition based on some common symptoms, behavior patterns, and sensations. The symptoms of MDD include frequent feelings of irritability, the loss of interest in your favorite activities, lack of appetite, trouble sleeping and restlessness. Some people also have trouble concentrating while others bear feelings of guilt. The worst symptom is self-harm and feelings of committing suicide.

Where does Major depressive disorder come from?

Doctors say that the cause of this mental condition is not known. It can, however, be triggered by some factors. To some people, it may stem from genetics while others get MDD from high-stress levels. These two factors can have an impact on the brain’s chemistry and interfere with mood stability.

Hormonal fluctuation is also associated with the major depressive disorder. External factors such as drug abuse and medical conditions can also be causes. Conditions such as cancer or taking steroids can affect the functioning of the brain and lead to MDD. 

Is there treatment for the condition?

treatment for the condition

Yes. You can control this condition using some types of medication, therapy as well as lifestyle changes.


Anti-depressants such as SSRs are used in managing this condition. They function through blocking serotonin breakdown in the brain. This neurotransmitter is the one that regulates your mood swings. By taking the drugs, you not only boost your moods but also improve the quality of your sleep.

The major depressive disorder can reduce the level of serotonin in your brain. Antidepressants can relieve symptoms of this condition. The best SSRIs that have minimal side effects include citalopram and Prozac.

In some cases, SSRIs may not be effective so doctors can prescribe tricyclic antidepressants. These may, however, cause side effects such as weight gain. Nursing mothers should not be prescribed some MDD medicines, therefore, make your doctor aware of this to prevent further complications. You should never skip MDD medication without the instructions from your health provider.


Talk therapy is also an effective form of treatment especially for patients with self-harm thoughts. Attend therapy sessions frequently and discuss issues affecting you with your therapist. The treatment can help you deal with stressful events and enhance your skills of communication.

It can also work on negative beliefs and help you see life positively. Talking to a professional who understands your condition can help you find ways to handle the challenges in your life and raise your self-esteem. It provides a sense of contentment in life and gets rid of suicidal thoughts. You can also attend interpersonal therapy, group therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy.

Lifestyle changes

Lifestyle changes

Avoid self-medicating

Some people try to deal with their emotions by indulging in substance abuse. Drugs such as meth can cause meth addiction and worsen the symptoms of the major depressive disorder.

Use relaxation techniques

Apart from using medication to control mood swings, relaxation techniques can help. Spend some time meditating or join a yoga class to improve your feelings. This will also help you connect with your inner self as you find a purpose in life.


Getting active through practices enhances your moods. Instead of concentrating on the fatigue that comes with MDD, get outdoors and do some simple tasks. The sunlight will do you good and improve your health. The more you keep yourself occupied, the less time you spend on negative feelings. 

Come up with realistic goals

realistic goals

MDD is not a condition that passes quickly. It takes time to treat, so you need patience as you set goals that are realistic. Do not put high expectations which you cannot achieve within a short period since they may lead to disappointments and make you more depressed.

Associate with others

Do not stay in isolation or withdraw from your loved ones. This habit can elevate your symptoms and make it hard to cope with the condition. Let your friends and family offer you moral support at this time as you progress with your treatment program. Staying around others also improves your moods.

Avoid making significant decisions

Major life choices can wait when you are dealing with this mental condition. For instance, things such as changing jobs, relocating or financial decisions need you to be in a good mental state to avoid regrets.

You should also not accept roles that need a lot of responsibility. You do not want overwhelming roles that add to your depression. Avoid overworking yourself and spend enough time sleeping to prevent fatigue.

Avoid self-blame

Blaming yourself over issues beyond your control is not healthy. For you to beat MDD, you must release such negative feelings and use positive affirmations to raise your self-esteem. Identify a positive reason to get through each day.  Instead of dwelling on such thoughts, invest your time in a hobby where you can constructively express your feelings.

Final thoughts

Major depression disorder can take away your energy and motivation in life. Identifying the cause and working towards recovery are the best treatment options. Get help if you need it and focus on the good times as you shun away from negativity. You can do it!

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