The Subtleties of Decorating your Home

There is a sudden surge of online home decor websites popping up these days. They are literally a dime a dozen. I kid you not, dear reader. Type in...
Decorating your Home

There is a sudden surge of online home decor websites popping up these days. They are literally a dime a dozen. I kid you not, dear reader. Type in home decor accessories on our trusted goodfella, Google and lo and behold, hello hundred million websites serving up the same generic stuff since time immortal.

While I am all for a good and healthy dosage of online shopping every now and then, there is something that simply feels vaguely wrong in adorning your home with baubles found from the same crazy online wonderland which has no authenticity whatsoever. No, I am not a sceptic, or as the kids call it these days, a ‘hater’. I am simply an anonymous person behind the laptop screen writing this article, complete with rainbows and unicorns, hoping for someone out there to remember the good old days where your hand touched the rickety surface of that wooden accent before buying, the time where you could smell the vintage on that one beautiful, beautiful relic as you lovingly caressed it all over, marvelling at the sheer perfection of the piece that will soon be a part of your living room decor. Yes, I’m also the kind of person who prefers real, live books over a Kindle. But I digress.

So, back to the herd of the plethora of home decor stores and how actually going to a store and shopping for your home decor accessories is a better option-

  • It’s an Experience:-

Yes, yes. Nothing beats the joy of shopping from the comfort of your home, all your decor needs are just a click away, yada yada. No. Stop. Rethink. Are you shopping for something as futile as the restocking of grocery like a clockwork routine? Or are you piece by piece, building up the home of your dreams? Making your abode something more meaningful than just bricks and cement? Making it a vessel to store the memories of a lifetime, instead. So ask yourself this- do you really want to do it away in just a click? Or do you want to take your time. Have the pieces speak to you, have them tell you their story as you envisage them to seamlessly blend in with the story of your life. So yes, did you think it through? Would you honestly give this all up, this experience that is oh-so-integral to your home? To you? Methinks not.

  • Quality vs Quantity:-

Oh hello there dear. Have you lost your way in this labyrinth, I mean this utter clutter of unnecessary, unwanted home decor items? Well allow me to show you the way, just follow the light of logic and common sense and ye shall be enlightened. I mean seriously, since when did it become all about “lakhs of home decor options” over a limited yet unique range of home decor accessories? So if you bought yourself an exquisite owl like table top accessory, you would be sure that your neighbour wouldn’t have the same. Or your uncle from the States. Or the son of the daughter of your late aunt. You get the drift. Sites offering you same of many home decor accessories are definitely offering the same to millions others. So where do you stand in that? If every individual is different and unique then how can the physical depiction of their likes, dislikes, opinions, choices be the same?

So, the next time you think of redoing your living room decor, actually think for a moment of what you really want to decorate. Just four walls or a room filled with countless laughter, moments of joy and happiness? And then see for yourself which is the better way to go.

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