The origin and evolution of Indian Kurtis and Dupattas

The traditional Indian Kurti is an outfit that has spread leaps and bounds across India. It also has continually evolved keeping in mind the varying fashion demands of those...
Indian Kurtis and Dupattas
Indian Kurtis and Dupattas

The traditional Indian Kurti is an outfit that has spread leaps and bounds across India. It also has continually evolved keeping in mind the varying fashion demands of those who adorn it. It is fundamentally an upper garment that is worn with dupatta and churidars or salwars. Dupattas, on the other hand, resemble long scarves and are also known by the names such as odhni, chunni, etc. It also is a swathe of cloth that accentuates romance as facts are portrayed in the Indian cinemas for a long time.

The Origin and History of Indian Kurtis and Dupattas:

In the ancient times, Kurta was a form of a traditional garment for man but later it also came to be adorned by women living in South-Asian countries such as India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. This is how the evolutions of Kurtis from Kurta happened and it transformed into an apparel worn by Indian women.

During the period of 19th century, Kurta became popular as a myriad of prominent scholars, artists as well as poets used to don them. In contrast to how we look at kurtis in the current times, this form of an Indian Kurti used to barely have any details or patterns printed onto them and were quite simple. Cotton used to be the most preferred fabric for making kurtis during those times. This was followed by Silk kurtis, however, these were reserved for special occasions or to be worn by the elites thus signifying class and wealth.

Moving further, kurtis gained more popularity and recognition with the hippie movement between the 1960s and 70s. The hippies loved kurtis for the comfort factor and also because how perfectly they mirrored their carefree attitude.

The one interesting fact about Kurtis is that they are not limited to any country, state region specifically. So much so that, foreigners visiting India are also mad over them.

Having learned all facts about this form of traditional Indian attire, you will enjoy your next experience of online kurti shopping.

The dupatta online that you buy also have a pretty interesting origin and history behind them. These have been worn by women of different colors, class, etc. through centuries. During the Vedic period in India people used to wear three basic garments – The Vasas, The Adhivasas and the Nivil. Adhivasa used to be quite similar to a dupatta Indian women wear in the current days. The only difference back then was that women and men used it to cover their frames alike.

The dupatta online that we purchase today has evolved a great deal from being a fabric serving practical purposes to something that compliments the overall attire of an Indian woman. The length of these billowing fabrics has also come down to two metres from two and a half.

With the advancement in the methodologies of designing in the Indian fashion industry, the Kurta has also witnessed a lot of changes. These days’ women can do online kurtis shopping and purchase kurtis with different patterns, prints, and colors. In the earlier days, women used to team up kurtis with one form of Indian trouser knows as the “Pyjama”. However, today women pair them with versatile bottoms such as leggings, jeggings, denims, palazzos, cullotes, etc.

A kurti with a dupatta can be worn for almost every occasion, whether formal or private. Ranging from business meetings to weddings, family gatherings, etc. there is one kurti that exists for every occasion. While Kurtis made up of cotton or Khadi with minimal prints are good to be worn to the office every day, those made up of silk or other expensive fabric with heave embroidery make – up for pretty looking attires for private gatherings. Women can easily buy dupatta online and mix and match them with the type of kurti they are willing to wear on a particular day or event.

Kurtis are versatile and one can be found that suit the taste of each woman. From the trendy but conventional Anarkalis, tail-cut kurtis, baggy style kurtis to front-slit kurtis, everyone can do online kurti shopping pretty easily.

What we should take pride in is that this form of garment is a favorite amongst women not only in India but also all over the world. Women from countries such as the U.S., U.K., France and even middle-east love donning kurtis.

We believe that this blog has proved to be a pretty good read for you and you will now be looking forward to do online kurti shopping with all the more excitement. While you do so, don’t forget to also buy a dupatta online to complement your kurtis.

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