Sesame Oil is a Gold Used for Several Ayurvedic Products

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Sesame is a white colored yet golden seeds that are widely used products in Ayurveda. Sesame seed exporters not only supply the seeds but they also sell the seeds extracted from the sesame seeds. Sesame oil is traditionally used for medicinal and therapeutic purposes since ancient time. The nutrient rich sesame seed is a symbol of prosperity and health. Some critical benefits will be discussed in this article.

The sesame seed is a tiny gem that is packed with whole nutrients. It has a good amount of dietary fiber, supporting a healthy colon. There are several healthy systems in the body supported by sesame oil, including nervous system, muscles, and bones, hair, skin, digestive tract and male and female reproductive system.

Consuming Sesame Seeds For Stronger Bones And Better Digestion

Sesame seed is sweet, pungent, bitter, astringent and warm in nature. It is being used in ayurveda to balance vata. The heating nature of sesame is also great for kapha, but you have to be cautious of excess kapha. Sesame grows in a dry climate. Sesame is a nourishing, warming, and calming part of the nurturing ayurvedic massage tradition of India. You can but sesame oil and do self-massage to avail benefits like-

  • Stress handling
  • Physical strength
  • Muscles and bone nourishment
  • Comfortable joint movement
  • Healthy skin and hair
  • Support the nervous system

Some unique uses of sesame oil are as under-

  • You can use sesame oil for oil pulling to support your gums and make teeth stronger. Sesame oil reduces the bacteria in the mouth. That means if you are dealing with odor problem or weak gums, you can start oil pulling with sesame oil and wait for a month to see the results.
  • Take a spoon of sesame oil to lubricate and support the bowel and soften the stool. If you are pregnant, you should consult your doctor before taking sesame oil to treat constipation.
  • You can use sesame oil as a vaginal douche to help maintain healthy pH balance of vagina.
  • Reduce vata with sesame oil massage. You can give a warm massage on the abdomen to reduce imbalanced vata in the abdomen.

During winters, you can even massage your hair with sesame oil to promote healthy sleep patterns.

To get the best quality sesame oil, contact sesame seeds exporters India in your area. They are the people dealing in sesame products. For feedback, just make your valuable comment below.

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