How To Select Best Mattress For Bunk Beds

Bunk beds are a beautiful and practical addition to your kids’ bedroom. Choosing a design of bunk bed may be a tough task but after weighing what your requirements...
Bunk Beds

Bunk beds are a beautiful and practical addition to your kids’ bedroom. Choosing a design of bunk bed may be a tough task but after weighing what your requirements are, you can narrow down your search to the perfect bunk bed.

 So, you have found the best bunk bed? But now, begins the search for the perfect mattress for the bunk bed. So, what should you consider while searching for a mattress that works well with a bunk bed? Is it the same factors while choosing a regular mattress? What are the ways to find the right features and quality? Are you looking for fun design of mattresses for your kids or practical fits for storage bunk beds for kids?

Tips For Finding Right Mattress

  • Low profile mattress:

Consider a low-profile mattress from 5”” to 8” tall to provide maximum height of safety rail for top bunk. You must remember that higher up your sleep, the thicker your mattress is- accounting for valuable inches from the safety rail of your top bunk. Particularly if you have small kids in your home, experts recommend a Low Profile mattress of good quality for the sake of your bunk bed.

  • Under-bed height

This feature is vital to consider for your bottom bunk. The thicker is the mattress on the bottom bunk bed, the lesser is the headroom you will get. While this may not concern if you have very small kids, but still, tucking in the kids by reading bedtime stories is your job as a grown-up and this means you need to sit up straight in the lower bunk. For this same reason, a low profile mattress is an ideal choice for the sake of bottom bunks. Based on the desired quality, you need not compromise on comfort even in the case of a low profile bunk bed mattress.

  • High quality foam

Foam of high quality is superior to spring mattress for top bunks, particularly if you have kids resting on them. Naturally, a bouncy mattress enables kids to bounce. In comparison, your body can sink into the bed while resting on a foam mattress and creates a less ‘springy’ surface. In case you are considering mattresses for bunk beds, such details do matter. It is good to be on the safer side as we know for certain that kids will jump and play in these beds. Hence a good quality latex mattress or memory foam will do well for a top bunk bed while the spring mattress will do for a bottom bunk.

  • Easier to make beds

Moms who have struggled to make beds of the plush mattresses in the master bedroom will find the prospect of making bed on a ladder, 4 feet up in the air much more challenging. Hence for bunk beds, buy a lightweight mattress which the parents can easily handle to change bedding and tuck in sheets. A low profile mattress is easier to manage and is light-weight. But if you are still perturbed by the task of making the bed on the top bunk bed, consider acquiring a bunk bed with a staircase. It makes it much easier for an adult climb up and make that children’s wooden bunk beds.

These are some tips to select the right mattress for your bunk bed.

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