How Sam Zherka Is Breaking Myths And Helping The Society?

Right from childhood, people know that the world is in a state of imbalance. Millions in the world are in dire need of food and shelter. This could be...
Breaking Myths And Helping The Society

Right from childhood, people know that the world is in a state of imbalance. Millions in the world are in dire need of food and shelter. This could be alleviated if every person takes steps to do charity. Business person, Sam Zherka, is one such professional who believes that all life, one should not stop doing charity.

Most of the times, people might feel like doing charity but might wonder if they would be able to manage with the money in hand. Actually, there is no need to think that one needs to have money to help a helpless person. In fact, people would need to break many such myths

Sam Zherka breaks a few myths on charity:

Doing charity is not something that everyone can just because they might not get that opportunity. But once a person gets a chance to be kind to others, he should not give it up for any silly reason.

  • Lack of money: The biggest myth that people harbor in their minds is that they have less of money to help others. But in order to be socially caring, people just need to have the heart. Many people misunderstand that charity just means donating money or buying food for the poor. But for the poor, who have many other areas where they could use some help, this lack of money is just nothing.
  • Lack of time: Many a times, people who are in the beginning of their career complain that once they start earning more, they would donate or do a lot of charity work. But that time never comes, for many people become more involved in their own life that they forget that they had ever thought of giving back to the society. Very few people actually set aside time for doing their social service.
  • Age and physical fitness: People are of the opinion that they need to be in the age group of 30 to 50 and do the charity work. They might not be physically fit and so they might totally drop the idea of charity. This is a big myth since one need not be totally fit. After all, one just needs to have a will power for doing good work.
  • Working with love and care: Charity is all about love and care towards everyone in the society. From caring for the humans, to the animals, to even nature, and surroundings, people who care, are actually the saviors. They are the people who are the reason for the world to still be in perfect harmony even in chaos.

One can just offer to volunteer and teach the children from the impoverished sections of the society to ensure that they do the right work. People may as well try to work for free in the poor parts of the society by helping them get awareness on some diseases and cleanliness.

Selim Zherka is a busy professional who ensures that his work at the end of the day is for the society as much as for himself. Commitment to doing good is the only reason for people to prosper in the society.


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