Which Religion is Best According to Science

Human beings have a firm belief in religion. They are true to whichever religion they follow and adhere to their holy book. Religion provide the structure of spirituality in us humans. Our country, India is a home to roughly nine recognized religions including Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Christianity, Sikhism, Islam and others. Talk about religion and the debate can be stretched for hours and hours without an upshot. So the question still remains the same. Which is the best religion as per science which everyone should follow? Which religion has teachings inspired by science and is most useful and helpful to mankind? This article will give you the answer to all of these questions.

The crux of all religions is the working of the world. They explain how the world was formed and run by a spiritual figure which is defined differently in different religions and how that ultimate body expects human body to function, celebrate or run his / her life. However, science favors Hinduism. The Idol-Centric Religion has been considered the best religion according to science.

Why Hinduism Is The Best Religion?

Hinduism is considered as the most logical religion and has an age old scientific background associated to it. The teachings in Hinduism is most accurate and correct. It has three ground rules upon which the whole belief system is laid: Temples, Philosophy and Preceptors and explains the true meaning of God to humans. This is the only religion in the world that doesn’t support Anti-Semitism and treats the Jewish community with respect.

Another belief that we learn from the most applauded religion is its teaching of university in diversity. It accepts all cultures and even atheists. Anyone from anywhere can visit their temples and holy places. Because of this universal acceptance and openness, Hinduism is spreading widely all over the world and not just India.

The number of reasons why Hinduism is the best religion according to science is it preaches to live peacefully, guides you to salvation and the only one with a scientific organization.  Its belief that each living being is a God’s creature makes each follower respect everyone around them, it is not biased.

Equality stays missing in many religions, especially Islamic culture even today.  But Hinduism is the only religion which gives equal rights to both the genders. There is no other religion teaching you the principles of life as Hinduism does. And that is why probably even science considers it as the top most religion around the world as compared to the others.

The History of Hinduism is Scientifically Proven

Exactly, the creation of Hinduism has been proven scientifically. No other religion has got scientific reference or foundation linked to them. Hindus are free from following anything. They may believe in the sayings of Lord Shiva or Krishna and the sayings of Jesus and Mohammed at the same time! As a Hindu, you can be both monotheistic and polytheistic without the fear of anything. There is absolutely no form or spiritual system giving you the leverage of following your heart to attain inner peace. You are not bound by rules and blindly follow the age old tradition, you can free to shape it as per your current situation or demand.

Ever found any religion that matches half of what Hinduism teaches us? We all have been following Hinduism in our daily life without even knowing it because of the freedom of choice. And that is your answer to the question: Why Hinduism Is The Best Religion? It is as much as a belief in God as a belief in oneself. It is as much scientific as it is spiritual and touches your soul. It does not force you to convert into a Hindu or be a firm follower of just one deity unlike others.

Religious bodies as Iskon helps individuals understand the spiritual aspect to life and follow their heart through their preaching of our Vedas. For individuals in doubt or in search of some answers within, Iskon stands that one place where you can find your own self and be under the supervision of Ultimate power. They help you realize the permanent source of joy to your life and the ability to not only recognize but feel the spiritual identity.

We hope you now know the answer you’ve been seeking as to Why Hinduism Is the Best Religion. And now that you know the right place to find peace, go visit the temple and start your path towards happiness.