Reduce Your Bills While Not Skipping the Fun Stuff

Reduce Your Bills While Not Skipping the Fun Stuff
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So, you’re in a place where you either want or need to save money. Whether you are saving for a vacation, need to pay medical bills, or just want to reduce your stress because of your debt. We’ve all been there. Just because you want to lower your bills does not mean you want to cut the fun stuff out. Let’s take a look at a few ways to reduce spending on the boring stuff.

Bundle It Up

Insurance is not fun. Important, but boring. If you feel like you are paying for too much coverage, then talk to your agent to find a better option for you. If you like your coverage, see what you can do to get a better deal. Many companies offer you savings if you bundle. If you have auto, home, and life insurance you can get a great deal. Many offer a percentage off of your entire bill. That can be a substantial savings. 

Phone and cable bills are, once again, not fun. We know you need your phone. Check your bill to see if there is anyway you can see. Phone companies are constantly changing their packages. Talk to a representative to see if there is a better plan for you. You may be able to bundle your phone and cable together for a better price.

If you can’t get a better price for cable, it’s time to ditch it. Cable is almost outdated since new services are out there, like Netflix and Amazon Prime. Netflix is around $12 per month and Amazon prime is $99 per year. They both have tons of options for movies and tv series.  There are many different TV boxes that will turn your regular tv into a smart tv, so that you can use those new services.

Cancel It

Are you really still paying for subscriptions for newspapers and magazines? Stop, just stop. It is time to cancel them both. You can stay up to date with news online. No matter what you are looking for in those publications, you can view them online for free. Not to mention, breaking news will be ould news by the time the paper comes. 

Watch What You Eat

We aren’t talking about going on a diet. Reduce the amount that you eat anywhere besides your home. You’ll be surprised by how much you spend a month on breakfast and lunch. For instance, a daily coffee is around $3. You probably get one every work day. That is $60 every month for coffee. Lunch/breakfast is about $12 per day. If you eat out every work day that is $240 per month. By skipping those two you will save $300 per month and $3600 a year. That is the price of a good vacation, just by having coffee and breakfast/lunch from home.


Look for things that you can replace to be more energy efficient so that you reduce your utility bill.

Replace regular light bulbs with LED bulbs. This will help with your monthly bill plus these last 10 years longer on average.

Use power strips with timer so that you aren’t paying for power that you aren’t using.

Turn your water heater temperature down. There is no point in having water that is too hot just to have to add cool water to be usable. It takes a lot of power to heat a tank full of water.

Most of these tips are pretty easy and only take a few minutes to do. These are areas to improve that can save you a ton of money. Who knew you could save so much money on something so little that you can take a vacation?


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