Reasons you need to start visiting an eye doctor regularly

If you are wondering what is the right time to visit an eye doctor? It is now. If you are living in Delhi and are looking for an eye...
eye doctor
eye doctor

If you are wondering what is the right time to visit an eye doctor? It is now. If you are living in Delhi and are looking for an eye doctor, it is mandatory for you to be aware of the fact that visiting an eye doctor is not a necessity for only those who suffer poor eye vision.

It is popularly quoted by Helen Keller that – “Of all the senses, sight must be the most delightful”.

Visiting an eye doctor in Delhi can help you with early detection of the symptoms that indicate potential health related disorders such as Cataract, Arthritis, diabetes, glaucoma and macular degeneration. Hence, visiting an eye doctor in Delhi apart from the detection of the symptoms related to these disorders will also be able to prescribe you the potential remedy to achieve timely prevention of the same.

When is the right to start consulting an eye doctor?

According to the recommendation of eye doctor in Delhi, it is advised to seek consultation twice annually till the age of 40 years. After 40, the frequency should be reduced to one visit per two years. For children, vision screening should process should be started as soon as they begin going to school. Those who may not suffer any vision related disorders are also advised to visit eye doctor in Delhi for ruling out any chances of complications.

How long does an eye examination procedure takes?

The duration of an eye examination depends on a number of factors. It may vary depending on whether you are getting the examination for the first time or going for routine check-up. The first ever vision checkup session may last as long upto an hour while routine check-ups take comparatively lesser time.

What can you look forward to during an eye check-up session?

You can expect the session to begin with a few questions related to vision related problems. In case you suffer any, you may asked about the duration for which you have been affected by the disorder. You may asked about any contaminants or allergens that may be responsible to make the disorder better or worse. The doctor will proceed with reviewing the history of your vision aiding equipments such as glasses or lenses. This will be followed by questions related to overall health. Then you might be questioned about any medications that you are on and if a need be, your family history related to eye disorders might also be scrutinized.

eye doctor

eye doctor

After this preliminary round of questions, a couple of test may follow as shared below:

  1. The Visual Acuity Test:

The most common one that you all might have undergone but do not know the name of. Your vision is tested with the help of a Snellen Chart. The Snellen Chart is hung at a distance right in front of you at a certain distance. You will be made to read letters the font of which keeps decreasing row wise.

  1. The Diopoter/Refraction Test:

In case you are nearing your 40s and have difficulty in reading or viewing things up-close, there is a possibility that you are suffering an eye disorder. The doctor would likely place a combination of lenses in front of your eyes and ask you to keep reading the alphabets on the Snellen Chart until you are able to read the letter without any viewing difficulty.

These are just two of the few tests that the eye doctor in Delhi may conduct. There are several a few of which namely may be the Slit-Lamp Examination, Keratometry, etc.


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