Why to Practice Bhakti Yoga?

What many people think of Yoga is that it is about twisting, bending and moving body around to gain some health benefits. These people fail to realize that Yoga is not just an exercise but also a pure form of devotion that releases stress from the mind and makes us physiologically and mentally stronger.

A healthy body leads to a healthy mind. When Yoga nourishes your health, the state of your mind changes itself and you become smarter and quicker than ever. Bhakti Yoga ensures your physical as well as mental nourishment. It is considered as the most important part of Yoga. It is a pure form of devotion towards God.

The word ‘Bhakti’ has come from the Sanskrit language. In Sanskrit, it is called ‘Bhaj’. Bhaj itself means attached to the almighty and to worship God. It is a love that binds a man in an eternal relationship with God. This Yoga is an intense form of respect, love and devotion.

 Benefits of Bhakti Yoga

Bhakti Yoga is for people who want to come close to God. No worldly entity should grab his/her attention, this is the first condition if you want to practice and attain eternal peace through Yoga. The daily necessities of life food, social bonds and sleep mean nothing for people who practice this form of Yoga.

If you want to experience heavenly, then Yoga is the simplest and effective way to fulfill this desire.

All the four forms of Yoga, Dhyan, Karma, Jyana and Bhakti are interrelated. All these forms of Yoga help human beings in achieving a complete peace and holiness. It helps individuals to attain self-realization.

Let us now listen from the people who practice Yoga it brought a change in their lives.

People who practice this yoga say that they have a unique relationship with God. 

Some ways to practice Bhakti yoga                                                                           

There are many ways to practice it. Some of them are as given below:


It is a type of Yoga which includes prayers, stories, songs and Gods virtues. Devotees sit in front of a saint and hear stories and songs etc from him/her.


It means listening to spiritual and devotional songs and chanting them with positivity in complete happiness and ecstasy.


This is the most important part of this form of Yoga. An individual practicing Smarana reminds himself of God’s presence around him/ her to bring a positive attitude in him and enrich their soul.

 Other forms of Bhakti Yoga

Some other forms of Bhakti Yoga are Padasevana (Seva help), Archana, Vandana, Dasya, Sakhya and Atmaniveda.


Bhakti yoga can be achieved only after passing through all the stages of this Yoga form. Start practice Yoga and get ultimate peace of mind, and a feeling of divinity.  For more information visit http://iskcondwarka.org/