New Orleans, the city of sauce and jazz!!!

New Orleans
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New Orleans, one of the major metropolitan city in Louisiana is well known among the travel lovers as well as foodie people. This is the place where one can have a feast for almost all the sensory.

  • Mouthwatering food for taste.
  • Amazing music for ears.
  • A rainbow of festivals for eyes.
  • Awesome cuisines to try and
  • Mesmerizing places to visit.


New Orleans cuisines are one of a kind. Even the street side food courts will blow your mind with its variety of foods and those special traditional sauces and spices. Some of the most popular being jambalaya, oyster Rockefeller, gumbo and much more from the local list. As far as when is the best time to go to New Orleans question. The cuisines are the answer every time and any time of the year.


When visiting New Orleans one doesn’t have to worry about what may be there to see, from the museum to the zoo there are tons and tons of places to see and fall in love with. There are even shopping places for the shopaholics in us. Some of the famous places include:

  • Audubon Zoo.

A zoo which is the home to almost 2000 animals, along with a butterfly garden and museum. This is one of the hit attractions as they have the rare blue eye alligators.

  • Aquarium of Americas.

A special place where you can learn about 500 species of aqua living organisms. Running along the edge of the Mississippi River, this is the aquarium for all the north and south America.

  • Jackson Square.

Jackson square is basically a part which was announced as a historical place in 60’s. This place is a rainbow of arts and business. This is one of the much-visited places.

  • The WWII museum.

As the name suggests this place is solely comprised of world war second technologies and contribution.

  • Mardi Gras world.

This place was started in showing the world how floating buildings are made, now they become the main attraction of tourist with the various floats and artist along the place.

When to visit?

Every day is a good day. Likewise, every season is a special season in New Orleans. If you are a lover of festivals and shopping then the best time to go to New Orleans will be February to may. The weather there will be perfect neither too cool nor too hot, the Mardi Gras world will be flourishing with new things in the exhibit, even Jazz, and harvest festival will be celebrated in this timing.

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