Making the Switch from Android to iOS

Are you ready to give in to temptation and buy an iPhone? Switching from the Google Android platform is a bold but savvy step. You’re going to have access...
Android to iOS

Are you ready to give in to temptation and buy an iPhone? Switching from the Google Android platform is a bold but savvy step. You’re going to have access to a suite of Apple-exclusive apps such as GarageBand and iMovie. You’ll also get to use connected Apple devices such as Apple TV. Still, you need to understand that some differences exist in the two operating systems. Here’s a guide on making the switch from Android to iOS.

Understand the Difference

You’ll face a bit of bad news when you make the switch. All of the apps that you purchased on your Android phone aren’t available on the iPhone. Android and Apple use different ecosystems, which means that they’re independent of one another. The programs you owned on Android won’t transfer to your iPhone.

The good news is that many apps that people use are free. You can just download the Apple version of the apps. Most developers program apps to work on both ecosystems. The only major exceptions are Google and Apple. You’ll also lose any paid apps, which means you’ll have to repurchase the ones that you find indispensable.

Before switching phones, you should make a list of the apps you use on a daily basis. Then, you should download each of them on your new iPhone. Expect the process to add half an hour to your new phone setup.

Back Up Your Contacts

Your phone contains a lot of your most important data. Since you’re switching ecosystems, that data doesn’t transfer automatically. You do have the ability to back up your information, though. You can use a cloud service or microSD chip to store all of your Android phone’s data safely.

You must do this step since your new phone will not have the information. You want to maintain access to it in the event of an emergency such a problematic install with the new phone. When you’re ready to use your iPhone the first time, add both phones to the same wireless network. Then look for the Apps & Data screen on the iPhone. You’ll notice that one of the options is, “Move Data from Android.” By selecting this option, you can import many of your important documents. Even if you can’t, you have them stored on a hard copy or in the cloud.

Don’t Worry About Music

The apps that you use to play music are likely available on both ecosystems. Major venders such as Spotify, IHeartRadio, Amazon Music, and Pandora have apps for all major phone operating systems. Even Google Play, the media app for Google files, is available on the iPhone.

So you won’t lose anything when you switch, at least in theory. Any files that you’ve downloaded directly to your old phone aren’t available on the new phone. You’ll simply have to download them again. Similarly, you’ll download the music apps once again to use them on the iPhone. The programs store your user data in the cloud. You won’t lose any settings after the transfer, which is a huge positive.

Apple Has the Touch

Apple popularized the modern smartphone and has dominated the industry for years. While Android phones are cheaper, they often lack the features of the iPhone. For example, the 3D Touch feature on the iPhone fundamentally alters the way that people use cellphones. It’s based on an Apple Watch technology called force touch and adjusts functionality based on how hard you press down on your phone.

By sensing degrees, the iPhone provides many more features after a single touch. A gentle tap triggers options off the shortcut menu. For example, you may take a photograph immediately if you’re in Apple’s Camera. When you’re in a to-do list, the quick tap could pull up a list, allowing you to add items quickly.

The iPhone uses something that Apple has named Peek and Pop. The underlying premise is that you can jump in and out of menus seamlessly via touch control, a revolutionary ability in phones. It’s a great reason to make the switch to the iPhone.

Switching from Android to iPhone is a huge decision. You should consider all the information listed here to decide whether it’s the best choice for you.

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