The know-hows of becoming a trained yoga teacher

Have you felt the benefits of yoga in your life? Are you keen on continuing yoga for the rest of your life and extending its many benefits to those who are seeking it? Well then you are on your path of becoming a yoga teacher!

However, there is one very essential thing that you have to remember- just because you know yoga does not mean that you can become a teacher. There are a few levels that you will have to clear and then become an official yoga trainer, otherwise why would people take training from you? Here are some of the basic know-hows that you have to know, if you want to become a yoga teacher:

  1. There are various yoga training institutes. These institutes train you in the art of yoga and also the basics of teaching. Teaching yoga is not like teaching mathematics in school. There are a lot of finer nuances that you need to be aware of and this is something that only a yoga training institute will be able to provide. Hence your first step would be to enrol at a yoga training institute.
  2. Once you are in a training school, there is a definite amount of hours that you will have to log in. For example you will have to log in about 100 hour yoga teacher training rishikesh school or maybe 120 hours in another training institute. It will depend on the policies of the school and your respective guides and of course your tenacity as well. Until and unless you log in the required amount of hours in the school you will not be able to become a recognised yoga teacher.
  3. Well, when it comes to these training institutes, be prepared that the period of training will be a rigorous one. Most training schools do not allow technological intervention during the time of training and you might have little to no access to your mobile phones. Your sole focus has to be on the training and getting to know your surroundings and hence you ought to be prepared for quite a non-luxurious life. If you are okay with surviving with just the bare necessities, then you can sign up for a training course.
  4. You become a certified yoga trainer at the end of the training period. Your certificate will carry a lot of weight and hence when you are being trained it is ideal to opt for the best yoga school in rishikesh. This in turn will ensure that you are certified from a recognised and acclaimed yoga school which will definitely carry some brownie points.
  5. Generally most of the training institutes are located in quiet and far off places, either besides the sea in mountains. So you will not have access to certain facilities that you typically enjoy at home. Mentally prepare yourself for a life of austerity at least during your yoga period in order to engage into it completely.

If you are seriously thinking about becoming a yoga trainer, then do keep these points in mind and then decide whether or not you will opt for the training.