James Feldkamp: The Mentor of Wide-ranging Course on Theories of Terrorism

Theories of Terrorism
Mentor of Wide-ranging Course on Theories of Terrorism
Mentor of Wide-ranging Course on Theories of Terrorism

It is of utmost importance to know that terrorism is not a principle such as capitalism or communism rather it is a strategy which is used to attain a definite objective. Terrorism is the utilization of threat or violence to further a political cause. Regardless of the strength of public perception and media coverage, terrorism is in fact quite less recurrent these days than it has been in the last few years. The change wanted by the terrorists may be political, religious as well as may be social in nature. It is vital to remember that terrorism does not always appoint people from another country or setting.

James Feldkamp: The person who talks in detail about terrorism and counterterrorism

James L. Feldkamp is a Commander, USN Retired who presently is associated at Henley-Putnam School of Strategic Security and George Mason University as a professor. He takes lessons on terrorism. Terrorism can be of two types such as domestic and international terrorism. Domestic terrorism comprises of acts of fear which are performed by individuals who are based in and function from the United States. Besides this, the labors of a domestic terrorist are only projected towards the United States. On the other hand, international terrorism is a type of terrorism which comprises acts of terror done by persons related with overseas countries. James Feldkamp has proficiency and expertise in the below mentioned areas for instance:

  • International Affairs/Strategic Planning
  • Terrorism/Counter-terrorism
  • Countering Violent Extremism
  • Inter-Agency Communications
  • Foreign Policy and Global Security
  • Outreach & Coordination
  • Maritime Domain Awareness

He explains that counter-terrorism is essentially that act which is designed to stop or bring end to terrorism. Counter-terrorism may comprise the task of keeping a tab on potential terrorists, identifying individuals who may be becoming radicalized fast and offering at-risk people and buildings with additional security.

James Feldkamp is the editor and author of Theory and Politics of Terrorism which is a complete test of the wide-ranging features of terrorism. He has been able to get a M.A. degree in international affairs from the Catholic University of America and is also a graduate from the well-known Naval War College. Presently, at George Mason University, Feldkamp teaches domestic and international terrorism, and gives lectures on maritime security and terrorism at US and international conferences.

Feldkamp has also flown combat missions as a Naval Flight Officer and he has served with the FBI as a Special Agent and has been a noteworthy member of the Tidewater Joint Terrorism Task Force in Norfolk, Virginia. James L. Feldkamp has given resignation from the FBI so as to run for Congress in Oregon’s 4th Congressional District. He then went on to be selected as the Republican nominee in both the 2004 and 2006 elections.

Feldkamp has been recalled back to the service and at this time he served as the international outreach officer in The Office of Global Maritime Situational Awareness at Washington, DC.  and the National Maritime Intelligence-Integration Office.

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