Importance of managed IT services for organizations by Anju Vallabhaneni

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Even though new technologies bring in powerful prospects for organizations, they also carry certain challenges. The pace of change in IT is extraordinary. The IT departments can no longer regulate on a single operating system, one or two computer models, and a list of approved applications. The cloud-based technologies and mobile devices have brought so much opportunity that it has introduced a mass of devices, apps and platforms for IT departments to manage and secure.

Anju Vallabhaneni- CEO of United Software Group Inc.

Mr. Vallabhaneni is the CEO of United Software Group Inc. which provides business process optimization, managed IT services, software development and IT recruiting and training. Talking about managed IT services he said that for a number of organizations the cost of employing and teaching qualified workers, buying the infrastructure to support developing technologies, and keeping systems up to date and safe can incur a lot of expenses. Instead of struggling to keep pace with technology, a lot of organizations turn to managed services providers for assistance. By relying on a third party to handle data center solutions, cloud deployments, collaboration tools and security, mobile initiatives, organizations can focus their time and resources on their basic business objectives.

Anju Vallabhaneni explains the benefits that managed IT services offer:

Thus, it can be said that managed IT services can offer a lot of advantages to the organizations whether it is small or big.

Before joining United Software Group Inc., Anju Vallabhaneni completed his MBA education from Ohio Dominican University. Before this he has completed Bachelor of Engineering degree from Gulbarga University.