How to Prepare for Boards Exams and JEE Main 2019 Simultaneously?

Exam season is here and the heat of tension among the students can be felt clearly. JEE Main being the most important exam for every engineering aspirant, it can...

Exam season is here and the heat of tension among the students can be felt clearly. JEE Main being the most important exam for every engineering aspirant, it can never be considered lightly.

And as we know that most of the competitive exams has set up cut off percentage to be compulsorily scored in class 12th. Hence, its preparation cannot be ignored no matter what.

But to manage both of these exams at a time becomes a task. Thus, candidates have to plan wisely their preparation strategy. As we know it is not easy as it is said to prepare for both the exams at a time, hence, special tips will be required.

Here, we will be talking about some of the preparation tips that a student may adopt to do well in boards as well as JEE Main 2019. As the exam dates are approaching at a large pace, it is important for the students to match that pace and start preparing from this very day.

Below are the Preparation Tips that Candidates may Follow for Better Results and Sorted Preparation for Boards as well as JEE Main 2019:-

Get your Concepts Cleared: This is the most important thing to be done while preparing for any exam. Start working on your basics till you have a good hold on them. As, most of the questions asked in JEE Main are from basic concepts of the subjects and are easily solvable.

Revise and Repeat: No matter how much you have revised, you must still give it another go. Competitive exams consist of many formula based questions which need to be by hearted. So, do not let those easy marks slip from your hands. Revise the formulas on regular basis and do well in such questions while saving time.

Draft a Strategy: Lay down a realistic plan which can be implemented and stick to it strictly. An ideal plan is the one which has preparation time for each subject while not compromising your sleep and other fun activities. Do not become a book bug but try to divide your time such that it includes your hobbies, studies obviously and time to time break.

Go Through the Entire Syllabus at least Once: Having a mindset about certain topics that they are easy or difficult and skipping them will not lead you anywhere. Try to start your preparation timely so that you cover whole syllabus at least once as you don’t know from which topics the question may strike you! Furthermore, completing the syllabus will enhance your confidence level for appearing in the exam.

Know the Exam Pattern: Be well aware of the exam pattern as it will help in knowing the type of questions being asked in both the exams. Segregate both the exams on the basis of their exam pattern so that you don’t confuse between the two. Use the pattern to lay down your preparation strategy more efficiently.

Mock Tests are Never Enough: Take as many mock test as possible. This will make you familiar with the types of question asked in the exam and will also help you to manage your time. Analyze each mock test and try to find you weak points and work towards them to do better than before.

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