How to Give Your E-commerce App a Killer Competitive Edge

With the majority of online users switching to mobile devices,virtually all businesses have added a mobile app to their repertoire of online marketing armory of websites, blogs, and social media accounts. However, because the competition is usually quite intense, building an edge becomes extremely vital for commercial success. Some tips on what to add on to your mobile app that will enable you to forge ahead:


Online local search is becoming dominant in the current context of users using their smartphones for information and then conducting transactions across the counter. However, businesses need not wait for sales to happen but can spark off interest among potential customers who are in the vicinity of their store with geofencing, a technology that enables your mobile app to make use of RFID, GPS, Bluetooth, etc. beacons to send users tailor-made messages based on the location. This technology opens up amazing opportunities for marketers, for example, an apparel store can send users entering a mall, details about a current promotion.

Augmented Reality

With this technology, a buyer can use his mobile to superimpose a virtual image over real-life objects. This enables marketers to showcase product views that are significantly betterresulting in an immersive experience for the user on his mobile phone. People can use their mobile phones to view the products from multiple angles to satisfy themselves. According to the CEO of a leading mobile app development company Mumbai e-commerce merchants can effectively reduce the return rates by deploying augmented reality because customers are less likely to be disappointed with their purchases.

Mobile Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has already transformed the way data is accessed by online users. Now that an increasing number of people accessing online services are doing so with mobile devices, the accent is now on mobile cloud computing that makes the response time of data servers faster. As a result, the app loads faster, and e-commerce transactions also go through far more smoothly and quickly. Since the overall performance of the app increases significantly, it can result in a substantial competitive edge.

Recommendation Engine

A recommendation engine integrated into an e-commerce app can make a significant contribution to sales. Once a user displays interest in a particular product, the recommendation engine automatically analyzes his behavior and suggests additional items that he’s likely to be interested in. For example, if you are interested in a particular book, the engine will suggest other titles by the same author as also books in the same genre for the user to consider. The engine algorithm uses machine learning so that the app knows the preferences of the user and showcase products appropriately.


Mobile app marketingis no more a situation where the user simply browses and makes a transaction. The latest mobile apps incorporate technology that can target specific users, offer a better visual experience, make data access smoother, and also suggest options and alternatives to whatever the user may be looking for. A well-designed e-commerce mobile app could well be the difference between marketing success and failure.