Exploring the unexplored places in Varanasi

Varanasi is one of those cities that will never disappoint you. It has everything you might need- from temples to ghats to a gushing river, this city offers you...
Varanasi places

Varanasi is one of those cities that will never disappoint you. It has everything you might need- from temples to ghats to a gushing river, this city offers you all the things that make this one of the most revered and holy destinations in the country.

If you are planning for a trip to this city with an attempt to make the best of it, then for your convenience book a hotel in Varanasi near station for easy availability of transport. Since the ghats are the star attractions of this city, you might look for hotels near the ghats as well. Once you have your accommodation in order, you can keep your bags at the hotel and set out to explore what the city of Varanasi is all about.

Exploring a different side of Varanasi

There are some earmarked places in Varanasi where every tourist is asked to visit like the Dashashwamedha ghat and the arti there, the Kashi Vishwanath Temple, Sarnath and the Ramnagar Fort. You must cover these places definitely, but apart from that there are a few other places and activities that you ought to try out to see the rarely explored side of this holy city.

First off you can visit the Jantar Mantar that is located here. Yes, just like Delhi, Varanasi has a jantar mantar too. This is basically an astrological and astronomical observatory. It was built by Jai Singh who took a keen interest in these fields of science. He was the king of Jaipur. Visit the observatory in the afternoon since this is the best time to visit it. It was once used to measure the local time of the city and it held great significance. However, with the rise of new buildings and change in climatic patterns, most of the instruments have become faulty.

To experience the real life of Varanasi, you need to take a stroll through the lanes and the even narrower by lanes of the city. Just step out of one of the luxury hotels in Varanasi where you will be staying at and head out with your camera to explore these alleys. You will get to see some really interesting houses and door and wall arts outside them. If you have an eye for the camera, then this is the place from where you will be able to capture some of the best portraits of your life. A walk through the alleys will throw some light on the general day to day life of the people of this city.

You have to spend some time on the ghats. Sit quietly on the steps and observe the river and the people, who quietly follow a certain flow in their daily motion. It is a great place to engage into meditation as well.

How will your trip to Varanasi be complete without a taste of the city? Do try out the Goshulia Chowk and the Kachori gali to try out some of the most delicious sweets and snacks that any city in this country can offer!

So, if you want to explore that side of Varanasi which is rarely explored, then do try out the above-mentioned activities and places.


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