Everything You Have to Know about Sabang Marine Festival 2017

Sabang Marine Festival
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As one way to promote more about marine tourism in Indonesia, it is the right time to release a grand event known as Sabang Marine Festival 2017. It has already held on 19-23 April 2017 and got proper support from the Indonesian Government ever since it has higher possibility, as well potential, to introduce and promote Indonesia’s tourist destination, especially Sabang. By then, it is a good start to let people know that it is possible to visit Indonesia not only by air or land, but also by using cruise ships and yachts via water or sea. In the other hand, this grand event also get along with the Presidential Order No. 104 2015 defined by Free Visa for tourists who coming from countries according to the list, as well as tourist who coming with yachts. This visa coupon will be valid for 30 days meaning the tourists have no obligation to pay an entry visa. On preparation to support this grand event is BPKS has already prepared a marina in LhokWeng, Sabang, to be used as terminal for any yachts and cruise ships during the event.

Of course, the existence of LhokWeng Marina should be promoted either from proper communication, electronic media, social media, as well as by using this grand event that has higher possibilities to bring yachter or sailor to enter Indonesia via Sabang. This grand event also fully supported by a lot of related stakeholder, such as the Government of Sabang, Aceh, and Ministry of Tourisms in Indonesia, and also more institution such as Immigration Office and so on. In the other hand, the Sabang Marine Festival 2017 purposes was to promote and introduce the availability of LhokWeng Marina, Sabang, to be used as terminal for any yachts and cruise ships. However, actually there are more purposes of this grand event, such as:

  • Ever since Sabang has a lot of beautiful tourism destination, it is possible to promote and introduce it more into the international tourists through this Sabang Marine Festival event.
  • The grand event also aimed to promote and introduce to international yachter or sailor communities about the existence and availability of LhokWeng Marina.
  • It is also possible to increase the number of foreign exchange and international tourist entering and visiting Indonesia.
  • It can be used to create any investment opportunities, as well create new field for ay worker, especially in marine tourism resort.

There are several countries expected to join Sabang Marine Festival 2017 participant including Australia, Austria, England, Malaysia, British Virgin Island, United States, France, Netherland, New Zealand, Belgium, and also Canada. Speaking of the Free Visa and easy licencing as new policies, the previous Sabang Marine Festival in 2016 was a test case about the implemented law so far. In the end, with more simplicity in administration system to enter Indonesia via sea or water, it will influence the increasing number of tourist visiting Indonesia and let them to enjoy the marine tourism provided by Sabang, as well as stay longer and enjoy the beauty of Indonesia.

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