Where to Eat: Jakarta’s Best Brunch Spots You Must Try

Best Brunch Spots
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For several people, brunch time means everything since you are allowed to eat anything you want without guilty pleasure. Well, you know, brunch means you deserve more than just glucose replacement to boost your energy. In the other hand, the problem probably comes from the thought of ‘where to eat?’ ever since there are hundreds spots which offer best brunch you need to try at least once. Therefore, in order to help you cope with the problem, here are several recommended places about where to eat: Jakarta’s best brunch spots you need to try by yourself.

As if you are not an easy person to please, make sure to consider your brunch choices seriously to get a perfect plate of everything you expect to be as a brunch. So, make sure to read on favourite writers choices about where to eat: Jakarta’s best brunch spots.

  • Baconerie

Located on the corner of Kemang, Baconerie will offer you with fascinating impression and make yourself as a regular customer, by then. Of course, you will understand why ever since its ambience bring backs the old memories by combine the old-style of American breakfast in rustic-look into different side of the world’s dishes. The recommended savoury menu including home-cured hams and bacons, pastry counter such as chocolate chip cookies, brownies, or cinnamon rolls.

  • Sophie Authentique

If you have never get tired of rustic-style, well, make sure to visit Sophie Authentique, where you can find a French bakery with strong atmosphere of rustic style. Here, you will be served with delightful food, fresh, and nice atmosphere to boost your day. Other than that, this place also a great place to start our day off.

  • Antipodean

It is a small café located in Kemang, aimed for those who need more than just an ordinary eggs benedict. For those who need delightful brunch with eggs benedict being served all day, Antipodean is the first-place you have to visit.

  • The Goods Diner

You will love this place, at the first visit, because they serve fresh blend of beet, carrot, and orange juice with their secret, you know, a Sriracha sauce! You can visit this place after having a morning yoga classes, which take place upstairs the café, and treat yourself firmly.

  • Social House Jakarta

Are you looking for a children-friendly brunch spot, especially which can help you to nurse your baby kids? Well, Social House Jakarta known as the most children-friendly brunch spot where you can bring your children with. Here, you can enjoy their special dish such as Legend steak and fries. Other than that, in special occasions, this place offers delightful kids play area with various fascinating activities for kids.

Overall, where to eat: Jakarta’sbest brunch spots everyone’s favourite will be different according to their taste, preference, as well as budget. Just make sure to not miss any brunch spot that probably can meet your own preference in al aspect. By then, you will be able to choose the perfect place of where to eat: Jakarta’s best brunch spots as regular customer.

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