Easy care and growth of Adenium Plants

This succulant bush is most commonly found in desert areas. Therefore, it earned its name as desert rose. Adenium is most commonly found in Arabia, Africa, Vietnam and Thailand....
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This succulant bush is most commonly found in desert areas. Therefore, it earned its name as desert rose. Adenium is most commonly found in Arabia, Africa, Vietnam and Thailand. In today’s date these plants are used and grown as bonsai plants. This is because they can be grown any container which makes it very easy to take care of. The extremely beautiful plant gains a lot attraction from people around the world.

These days the Adenium plants can be bought from any nursery. They are easily available. You can even buy Adenium plants online. You would not have to go through a lot to get their hands on these. Since the size of the plany depends on the place it is being planted, this plant can be grown outside in the garden as well as indoors. It does not fail to beautify anywhere it is located. Amongst all the adenium plants, the rarest one is the adenium socotranum. It is highly unique since it can grow upto 15 feet in height with a 8 feet trunk. Every Adenium plant has eccentric pink, white or red colour. Although you must be very cautious around the succulant of these plants. They are poisonous and must be kept away from the reach of the children. If you want to grow these in a small pot or a container, just make sure that it has enough soil. However, proper growth is ensured in a larger pot. It grows actively during spring and summer season. Here are few tips to take care of while growing an Adenium plant-


The plant should be located somehwere where the temperature is not more tham 95 degrees farhenheit. These plants have adapted to live in the hot and humid areas, beacause they are locally found in deserts and such areas. They can easily grow well inside your house as well.


The requirement of sunlight for these plants is pretty high. They need a lot of sunlight to grow. The become spindly if they are kept in shade or are unable to receive sufficient sunlight. This may result in less bloom and can even affect the quality of the flowers. Make sure that they do not get too much sunlight as it can affect it as well. The species can be kept in  30-50% of shade inside the house.

Non Blooming Period-

It is not necessary for these flowers to keep bloomiing through out the year, they go into dormancy as well. This does not mean that it would not require care during that period. You should still water these plants atleast once or twice a month in order to keep it fresh. Soon the new leaves will appear, that is the time when you should increase the amount of water and period of watering as well.

Soil and pots-

A raised bed with slopping sides is required for the plant to embedded in the ground. This allows proper drainage for the plant to grow well. If you do not want to plant them in the ground, you can plant them in pots or containers. They grow in them easily too.  It is well appreciated to use terricota or clay made containers only for this purpose. Proper drainage in containers can be ensured by adding a lot of stones in it.

It is very easy to nurture these plants. They can be placed conveniently anywhere inside as well as outside the house. With proper care, these plants can bloom beautifully. So make sure that you follow the above tips for a better growth and bloom.


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