How to Create Your Own Brand Identity Design?

Brand Identity Design
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The modern fashion generation is well aware of this word ‘brand’. It is actually the brand of a business that represents it across the world. The personality, typography, packaging and logo all represent a brand.  The brand is an experience that separates product of one company from the other. The brand necessary for a business if it wants to manage its identity in the market and to stay consistent. The Brand Identity Design is the process of creating a colour palette, typography, and logo etc.

Features of An Attractive Brand Identity Design

Following are some of the features that make your brand identity design consistent, strong and one of the most attractive in the world:

  1. Brand Positioning and Purpose

First of all, you will have to make clear the positioning and purpose of your brand. The purpose of your brand is the important reason for your existence. You will also have to specify that who is your target group and how your service and product is better than your fellow competitors in the market. When you will be able to define the positioning and purpose of your brand in a clear and precise way, then only you can proceed to create your own brand identity design.

  1. Conduct Market and Customer Reach

After setting your purpose and positioning, now it is time for some action. Yes, it is the time to conduct market and customer reach. Talk to people who are your potential customers. You can conduct phone interviews for a detailed discussion as on road it is not possible to have detailed discussions with people. The market research serves the purpose of making an emotional appeal to people. The market research and customer reach can be also conducted via Survey Monkey, Online Survey Tools and consulting Government resources.

  1. Persona of Customers

Through Market research, you will be able to know about the persona of customers. The persona of a customer will also include personal and the professional traits of the focus customers.  The persona of your customers will define the personality of your Brand identity design that could connect your potential customers emotionally.

  1. Setup a Logo

After setting your Brand Identity Design, now you need a logo that enhances the former.  The logo should meet the purpose and positioning of the brand.  Remember the logo is central to your brand identity design. The logo is the identity of your brand that will be exposed to your customers the most. So you need to line it up with the other elements of your brand. The simplest logos are the best logos



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