Cleaning Tips for Your Prized Possessions, Oil Paintings

Oil Paintings
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There is no denial to the fact that oil paintings are one of the most beautiful mediums in which a painting can be created. The beauty of textures and vibrancy of oil colours gives an entirely different look to the artwork. It is such a unique piece of art that it holds the capacity to instantly glam up any space where it is kept. However, due to their sensitivity cleaning them is a treacherous task. They end up collecting dust and stains over a prolonged period of time and cleaning them by normal methods can end up damaging the artwork forever. If the complications of cleaning have stopped you from purchasing oil paintings for sale, then here are some tips that will help you in extending the life of your artwork.

  • Regular dusting:
    This one might sound like a no-brainer but certainly people don’t follow this tip as often as they should. To help your oil painting clean, all you need to do is dust off the dirt with a soft bristle brush twice a year. Remember to tilt the painting a bit so that the dust rolls down from the painting’s surface.
  • Loaf of bread is your best friend:
    Nothing cleans an oil painting like a loaf of bread. Buy a doughy bread and break it from the middle. Start dabbing the bread lightly against the painting’s surface to help it absorb all the dirt and gunk which might be present on the artwork. Once you’re done, then brush away the crumbs immediately and ensure that no residue of the bread is left on the painting.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of cotton swabs:
    If you neither have a soft-bristle brush or a loaf of doughy bread, then this tip is for you. In order to make your oil painting squeaky clean, wet a cotton swab with saliva and dab it on the painting in dotting motions. Avoid going from side to side as you might end up mixing the colours. Keep discarding the swab and work in smaller pieces.

Additionally, a good tip to extend the life of your artwork is to paint it with varnish. Doing so would create a barrier between the actual surface of the painting and dirt. Cleaning off the dust from varnish is easy and it won’t spoil your painting either. So, from next time onwards whenever you find oil paintings for sale then you should purchase them without giving a second thought to the cleaning process, courtesy the tips mentioned above.

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