Check out the Age Old popular South Indian Temples

There are many who are fascinated with history, while others could be religious at heart. Both of them can avail South India Temple package at fabulous rates and get to experience the very best that this region has to offer them. There are numerous holy shrines belonging to all faiths and communities here. The people in the South are regarded to be devotional in nature and make it a point to visit the shrines of their popular gods and goddesses on a daily basis to offer their prayers. This amazing land does promise the religious tourists of having more than 3,000 ancient holy places that are considered to be more than 600 to 700 years old. It actually highlights the rich and amazing age old culture and Indian heritage.  It is only by selecting the right tour package that the tourists can get to enjoy the real South India and be on a pilgrimage that they are sure to love. Visiting the popular shrines in the region will help the person to be inspired and rejuvenated spiritually.

There are also celebrated festivals here inside the temple complex that is grand and worth the visit. Hence, the South India temple tour package needs to be customized to suit specific preferences and desires.

Some popular, attractive and ancient temples of South India

Some of the festivals celebrated here are Guruvayoor festival, Thrissur Pooram, Arattu, etc.

Some of the popular festivals celebrated here re Mahamagam Festival, Chitri Rai Festival, Thai Pusam Festival and Karthigai Festival.

The popular festivals celebrated here are Ugadi, Vaikunta Ekadashi, Ground Nut Festival and Vairumudi Brahmostava.

It is very much important for the person to check out the package prior to booking it, so as to enjoy the travel thoroughly.