Charter Spectrum Internet Review: Enjoy a High-speed Data Network

Charter Spectrum is becoming one of the commanding Internet providing companies in the USA. The subscribers opt for Spectrum to enjoy a high-speed internet service at the most affordable...

Charter Spectrum is becoming one of the commanding Internet providing companies in the USA. The subscribers opt for Spectrum to enjoy a high-speed internet service at the most affordable rate. The company has standardized the downloading/uploading, online multi-player gaming, and browsing experience to fulfill the user’s needs. Let us overview what Spectrum internet is all about and what it brings for the consumers.

Charter Spectrum Internet Review

  • Free Wi-Fi Setup

The internet service comes with a free installation of Wi-Fi setup and a free internet modem having enough bandwidth to support all the devices at your home. The internet service is professionally installed by the technicians at no extra or hidden charges. No rental fees for the modem!

  • No Data Cap Limits

No data cap limitation is applied on the service to ensure a nonstop access to online videos, multi-player gaming, downloading, and streaming TV services. The data cap exemption applies to all the apps and services used from home internet connection.

  • Secured Internet Browsing

A free ‘Security Suite’ is included to prevent the user from encountering any unsuitable content whilst browsing. It also protects against network attacks including spam email messages, malicious viruses, and even prevents the hackers from getting into the computer.

  • Parental Control Feature

The provider has added a ‘Parental Control’ feature on the internet that ensures a risk-free surfing by restricting the access to inappropriate websites and blocking of content that user wants. Explore safely!

  • Wi-Fi Hotspots

Millions of Wi-Fi hotspots are available throughout the country that keeps the users connected on the go. Enable the Wi-Fi on your device and enter username and password to connect.

  • 24/7 Technical Support

A professional team of technicians is available 24/7 to troubleshoot problems that a user experiences. The users can address their questions and complaints on the ‘FAQ’ section on Spectrum’s website and can also get in touch with the company’s professional for further assistance.

Affordable Packages

Charter Spectrum internet bundles perfectly match the user’s expectations and needs. The internet package starts off with an affordable $44.99/month price, providing a high-speed internet connection up to 100 Mbps speed.

Double Play Packages—Double Play offers a choice to bundle any two services.

TV select + Internet—$79.99 for one year bundled. The package includes a free internet modem, free TV Apps, and a free Security Suite, 200+ HD channels including CNN, TLC, MTV, etc. The internet speed is 100 Mbps. No agreement is required!

• Triple Play Packages—Save up to $143 by bundling Voice, TV, and Internet. A free internet modem and DVR service are included in all Triple Play offers.

Triple Play Select — includes over 125 HD channels, a free DVR, TV Apps, a free Security Suite, 10,000+ On-Demand choices that include TV shows, Movies, and 3D films. Make unlimited nationwide calls with 28 popular voice features. Triple Play Select package costs $89.99/month without any contract or agreement.

Triple Play Silver — get access to 175+ HD TV channels, free DVR service, Select programming plus with 50 additional sports and network channels including Nick Jr., Biography, Sprout, NFL Network, and much more. The internet speed starts at 100 Mbps that provides enough bandwidth for multiple devices. With Spectrum Voice services, make unlimited nationwide calls with 28 popular voice calling features including Private Listing, free ‘411’ assistance, free Caller ID, Call Waiting, Readable Voicemail, and more. Triple Play Silver package costs $109.99/month without any agreement.

Triple Play Gold — the subscribers get over 200+ channels in HD with a free DVR service. The internet connection starts from 100 Mbps speed with zero data caps. Make unlimited calls all around the nation and worldwide with 28 unique calling features including free ‘411’ directory assistance. No hidden charges! No contracts! The price for Triple Play Gold is $129.99/month.

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