Why You Must Visit Moscow This Season?

Must Visit Moscow

Moscow is a city known for its colors and versatility. Many tourists even consider it a tricky city because of its really big and fast. From an Ariel shot, you will find this city messing with hard traffic at time and people in this city are always in a hustle. The weather of Moscow has many mood swings that varies from scorching heat to real cold. But till, there are tons of persuasive reasons as to why you should visit this beautiful capital city. What Moscow has to fascinate you…

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A nice long trip from Delhi to Jaipur and back

long trip from Delhi to Jaipur

Plan a twin visit to Delhi and Jaipur in under a week and have the time of your life! There is nothing that could go wrong in these two top tourist destinations and their proximity to each other makes it even more accessible to anyone. Here is a short itinerary for you to go about your trip to the top two holiday destinations in India at one go. There is an abundance of choices with regards to spots to visit from Delhi. From exquisite hill stations to recorded locales, you…

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A Visit to the Temples of the Spiritual City – Haridwar

Temples of the Spiritual City Haridwar

Haridwar is one of the most important religious places in India. The name of the town itself means “entrance to God” in Sanskrit. It has been a symbolic place to outset a believer’s journey in order to reach Mount Kailash, the eternal dwell of Lord Shiva and Badrinath which has a temple of Lord Vishnu. In earlier times, the town was also known as Ganga Dwara, the place where the Ganges subside into the plains. Pilgrims travelling from the not too far capital usually prefer to take taxis as the…

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