Have a hatke stay experience for less than 4K!

Have a hatke stay experience

So, ready for your next trip but don’t wish to stay in a regular hotel this time? Well, don’t worry, as here is a list of some unique accommodation options for less than INR 4000. These options are more than just a stay because these places are destinations in themselves. Come, take a look: Udechee Huts, Mcleodganj A little away from the bustling Mcleodganj, Udechee Huts is everything you need. Nestled in the midst of craggy mountains, lush greenery and verdant forests, this one is nothing short of spectacular. You…

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Book for a Hotel Room in Advance

Book for a Hotel Room

Are you planning to go on a holiday trip? Then you will start booking your ticket in advance. In the same way, you can also reserve a hotel room in advance so that you can enjoy your trip. If you are looking for a company which provides good services in hotels then you can definitely try the planet of Hotels. This company provides the hotel reservation service around the world. To know more information about our company then you can visit our website https://planetofhotels.com/en. Registration: You can register on our…

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Why it is pivotal to have a look at Railway time table?

Railway time table

Well, Railway time table can be worthy and extremely helpful than you ever think of the same. Indian Railways tourism is been reckoned and well known very much worldwide and as per the record, it has been handling one of the biggest rail networks efficaciously. Known to be covering almost every length and breadth of the country, it came into existence way back in year 1853. And so far now, it has expanded and covered over 6900 stations across the country. Still continuing at such a speedy pace, the railways…

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Enjoy Your Afternoon Cup of Tea on The River Thames!

Enjoy Your Afternoon Cup of Tea

Britain is famous for its tea and treats. If you are looking for the quintessential cup of tea in Britain, try an afternoon tea boat cruise on the River Thames. The experience is unique and unforgettable for both young and old. If you wish to spend time with a special one or friends away from the hustle and bustle of city life, book a boat cruise for afternoon tea and enjoy an experience that you will remember for in life! Afternoon tea while sailing on the River Thames If you…

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Get to know about Indian Railways

Trident Society Talks

The truth is Indian Railways is regarded to be among the most organized, wide spread rail networks and also the busiest one in the world. It is Central Government that owns it and administered by Ministry of Railways. Facts about Indian Railways The first passenger services started from 16th April, 1853 with Bombay being connected with Thane. But it spread by about 9000 miles by end of 1880. A cartoon elephant, nicknamed ‘Bholu’ has been selected by Railways as its mascot elegantly clothed in white and blue like that of…

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