Everything You Have to Know about Sabang Marine Festival 2017

Sabang Marine Festival

As one way to promote more about marine tourism in Indonesia, it is the right time to release a grand event known as Sabang Marine Festival 2017. It has already held on 19-23 April 2017 and got proper support from the Indonesian Government ever since it has higher possibility, as well potential, to introduce and promote Indonesia’s tourist destination, especially Sabang. By then, it is a good start to let people know that it is possible to visit Indonesia not only by air or land, but also by using cruise…

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3 Quick Ideas For Budgeted Travelling

Budgeted Travelling

My travel budget has always been tight. Despite the perks of having a ‘reasonably’ paid job, I still found it expensive to travel as much as I wanted. Therefore, I had to be extra smart about when, where and how I travel. Fortunately, after over a decade of travelling, I have learned that every destination can be fascinating. Be it as big as Europe tour and travel, or small towns, big cities, hiking trails far away from home, wine tours, it can all be fun. You need not be rich…

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Discover the Grandeur of Bangalore- Holidaying at its best

Grandeur of Bangalore

Choosing from a range of luxury vehicles and getting into a car of one’s choice to zoom off to an unknown destination may seem like a too-good-to-be-true kind of dream sequence to many. But the concept of self-drive cars is rapidly gaining popularity, and when compared with a rental car with a driver, it surely proves to be a sensible option. After all, who wants to hail taxis at crowded junctions with a dozen shopping bags in hand? The joys of driving are numerous and provide amazing flexibility and privacy.…

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Jaipur, the Royal Pink City


Jaipur is the city famous for its history, colors, food, and for royalty that ruled it. This city is an ideal location to get a glimpse of the royalty that is in the blood of Rajasthan. The city filled with so many heritages that till date reflect their lavish and royal past but at the same time has moved ahead with time. Today one can see the blend in the past and the present in that city. The city is also known as the pink city because of the color…

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Why Should You Buy Villas in Kolkata: 5 Compelling Reasons?

Buy Villas in Kolkata

Unlike other developed and metro cities, like Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore; Kolkata is considered underdeveloped. Even though Kolkata in terms of real estate investment is a less considerable city, this city of joy possesses various residential projects, including villas. With the gradual development in Kolkata, investment opportunities in Kolkata’s real estate are thriving as well. One of the primary reasons behind Kolkata being the investor’s choice is the unhindered price of property in this city. So, if Kolkata is your next destination for investment, you can consider Villa as the…

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