How to Give Your E-commerce App a Killer Competitive Edge

E-commerce App a Killer Competitive Edge

With the majority of online users switching to mobile devices,virtually all businesses have added a mobile app to their repertoire of online marketing armory of websites, blogs, and social media accounts. However, because the competition is usually quite intense, building an edge becomes extremely vital for commercial success. Some tips on what to add on to your mobile app that will enable you to forge ahead: Geofencing Online local search is becoming dominant in the current context of users using their smartphones for information and then conducting transactions across the…

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Microsoft and Twitter Powers UC Cricket Content on UC Browser

UC Browser

UC Web, best known for its UC Browser application for Android telephones, has tied up with small-scale blogging webpage Twitter and tech goliath Microsoft’s web index Bing to give a versatile entryway to live content before the cricket season begins in the nation. Called UC Cricket, the new cricket content collection platform in UC Browser is intended to give cricket contents, for example, live score, news, recordings, live tweets, photograph, details, previews, editorials, and much more – making it an alluring stage for cricket fans. India has a colossal craving…

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Improve Your Digital Marketing Skills to Get Jobs in India

Digital Marketing Skills

Advancement in technology made everything easy in our life. The Internet makes everything possible in just one click. Everything is available online and in the coming year’s world will become the digital world. Nowadays 90% people depend on websites or apps to shop anything or to sell anything. Because of this, every businessman has a dream to run their business online. Running a business online is not an easy task. The main motive of running a business online is to increase the customers and engaging more traffic.  For running a…

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Ransomeware: Threats The Computer System


This occurs when the user is denied the access to his own computer files and folders. This is done by the hackers who are in the need of money as in this they display a dialog box asking some filthy amount of money if the user wants to regain the access to his computer system. The user’s files and folders are sealed, Ransomware gets inside them and encrypts them. They can only be made the same again by some professional or IT expert. Ransomware gets into so badly that even…

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Make Use of Backup Services for Making Data Backup

Data Backup

Having a backup of the important data is always useful. This is because data is vulnerable to attacks and may lose at anytime. Also, you can face data loss situation at anytime. Therefore, if you have a backup for your data you don’t need to worry about data loss. Whether you loss or didn’t lose your data, you have a backup and you can use it anytime you need. This is the common reason why most of the computer users tend to use data backup solutions. Data backup solutions help…

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