Latest Smartphone: Connect To The World

Latest Smartphones today have become an integral part of our lives and as we use them for our day to day purpose like communication, scheduling meetings, reminder related to health apps, taking pictures, saving documents on the cloud, internet browsing, entertainment and even as a power bank to charge other smartphones. Gone are the days where buyer’s needs to wait at the counter and salesman used to show the options for from the back of a brochure, today is everything is just a click away be it Specification, design, discounts…

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A Brief Timeline of Satellite Communications and Its Advantages

Satellite Communications

The reason SATCOM solutions have become so widely popular is because of the fact that wireless communication has taken over the networking era. With the help of good internet access and high definition television, satellite communication has shown that it is highly beneficial. Satellite Communication Timeline Satellite communication began with the launch of Telstar 1 in the year 1962.  It was the first active communication satellite ever created. It was built by the predecessors of Telesat at AT&T and Bell laboratories. It was in operation for a span of 7…

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¿Por qué algunos estuches para móviles impresos son más duraderos que otros?

para móviles impresos son

Hoy en día, prácticamente todas las personas tienen un teléfono inteligente (a menudo más de uno), y es muy común ver estuches atractivos hechos de plástico en esos dispositivos.  Sin embargo, en algunos casos las decoraciones se desvanecen rápidamente y pierden su belleza, mientras que en otras permanecen intactas incluso años después de la compra.  Esto puede sonar misterioso, pero se puede explicar fácilmente al observar más de cerca las tecnologías de impresión utilizadas para fabricar los estuches. Hay varios tipos de máquinas de impresión que pueden crear un estuche…

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Making the Switch from Android to iOS

Android to iOS

Are you ready to give in to temptation and buy an iPhone? Switching from the Google Android platform is a bold but savvy step. You’re going to have access to a suite of Apple-exclusive apps such as GarageBand and iMovie. You’ll also get to use connected Apple devices such as Apple TV. Still, you need to understand that some differences exist in the two operating systems. Here’s a guide on making the switch from Android to iOS. Understand the Difference You’ll face a bit of bad news when you make…

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Nokia 7: Much more than a right choice

Nokia 7

There are lots of means of communication in the modern world. There was a time when the telephones were known for the easy and fast of communication, but with the introduction of cell phones, the situation changed. There are many cell phone making companies that offer numerous models in the market with some of the wonderful features. However, the introduction of a smartphone can help the users to have numerous activities on the mobile only. The users nowadays are not dependent on calling and texting only as there are endless…

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